The Different Types of Coffee Explained

The Different Types of Coffee Explained

The Different Types of Coffee Explained

If you find yourself sticking to the same coffee order every day because the idea of delving into all the available choices overwhelms you; this blog is for you.

Let us take you through the different types of coffee that you can order at your local coffee shop or make at home with our excellent choice of beans. Different countries use different terminology but this is how we describe coffee in Australia.

We will start with black coffee:

Espresso (short black)

An espresso is a single shot, served in a small ceramic cup. An espresso shot is the foundation of most other coffee drinks. In WA, the standard is that when you order an espresso or a drink using an espresso, unless stated otherwise, you will have two shots.


A ristretto coffee is a 'restricted' version of an espresso. It is made with less water than an espresso, leaving you with a less diluted and smoother shot. The result should be similar to an espresso but with more body and less bitterness.

Long Black

A long black, one of the most popular choices of coffee, consists of two espresso shots and then topped up with hot water. This coffee is served in a standard ceramic cup, and when prepared correctly you will have a layer of crema on the top.

Now for coffee with a touch of milk:

Short Macchiato

Also known as a short mac, this coffee is made with a shot of espresso and then topped (or 'stained') with a dash of milk and foam. This coffee is generally served in a small glass.

Long Macchiato

A long mac, similar to a short mac but with two shots of espresso. It should be notes that an extremely popular coffee order in Perth is the "long mac topped up". This means that rather than a splash of milk which only stains the coffee, the coffee is 'topped up' or filled with extra textured milk. This will leave you with something similar to a double shot latte! 

Finally, our milk based coffee:

Flat White

A flat white, another common order here in Australia, is made with an espresso shot which is topped up with steamed milk. You should end up with a thin layer of micro foam covering the top of the coffee. A flat white should be served in a standard ceramic glass.


A latte, another Aussie favourite, is an espresso topped with textured milk. This may sound similar to a flat white, however a latte tends have a thicker layer of foam on the top of the coffee. A latte is served in a standard sized glass.


Finally, a cappuccino is a an espresso with textured milk and a very thick layer of foam on the top. A cappuccino should be dusted with chocolate and served in a standard ceramic mug.

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