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Daylight - Heart of the Wind | Espresso

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Awaken your senses with Daylight Coffee Roasters' "Heart of the Wind". This exceptional Colombian bean, transformed into a velvety espresso, ignites the palate with a symphony of flavors that will transport you to the sun-drenched Andes mountains.

Experience the natural sweetness of brown sugar that dances harmoniously with a luscious chocolate-orange body. The bright citrus notes of orange awaken your taste buds, leaving a lingering, refreshing finish. Each sip is a journey, a testament to the meticulous double fermentation process that unlocks the bean's full potential.

Roast Strength
Flavour Notes
Chocolate, brown sugar, orange,
flowers; citric acidity and rounded body
Origin Apia, Risaralda, Colombia

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Why is this blend called "Heart of the Wind"

A: The blend is called "Heart of the Wind" because of Apia's unique geographic location. Strong winds from the Pacific coast cool the evenings, and the high altitude and proximity to the Andes mountains create a distinct climate. These conditions contribute to the slower maturation of coffee beans, resulting in a sweeter and more balanced flavor profile.

What is the double fermentation process of this bean?

A: Double fermentation is a technique that involves two fermentation stages. The first occurs before the coffee beans are pulped, while the second takes place after pulping in tanks for 24 hours each. This process results in coffee with a cleaner, brighter, and more intense flavour profile, along with longer-lasting tasting notes. After fermentation, the coffee is washed, dried on patios, and monitored until it reaches the optimal moisture level.