Discover the Uncanny Similarities Between Coffee and Wine

Similarities between coffee and wine

Have you noticed that coffee and wine have a connection? While it’s true that most people won’t start their day with a glass of wine, we do drink wine in a similar fashion to coffee. Those that appreciate good wine don’t gulp it down. They sip it with intent, rolling it around in their mouths to discern the flavours within.

Coffee and wine

True coffee lovers know that it deserves as much appreciation and admiration as any bottle of wine.


So, what similarities can we see between coffee and wine?


Both coffee and wine are site-specific!

Where grapes and coffee cherries are grown have a huge impact on their final product. Everything from the soil, slope, altitude and latitude determine the aromas and flavours that wine and coffee will have.

For those real coffee connoisseurs, Single Origin coffees become a big deal! Check out our single origin coffees!


Both go through flavour-imparting production

Whilst wine is pressed, fermented, filtered and aged, coffee cherries are similarly selected, pulped, fermented, dried, roasted and ground. Both of these processes have many slight variations that have huge impact on the taste of the wine or coffee.


For wines, the grapes growing on the vineyards are lovingly attended to. And for coffee, the coffee beans receive the same hand-picked treatments. It begs the question…are you really tasting your coffee?


If you love coffee to the point that you can’t imagine starting off your morning without it, then it stands to reason you should be discerning about where those beans are coming from. After all, that’s what you do with a good bottle of wine, isn’t it?

 Read more on discerning the different flavour profiles of coffee in the Tasting Wheel Explained.
 That’s the coffee and wine connection.
 Even beyond that, when you have wine, you don’t always uncork the same bottle to serve with every dinner, do you? No matter how lovely that wine is, there are many others that pique your interest in tasting. Therefore, always choosing the same coffee every time can be a wasted moment.
Coffee tastes

It’s not that you’re choosing poorly (unless you’re going for instant coffee!), but there are so many types and styles of coffee out there, just like grape varietals. If you prefer red wine, imagine what you’d miss out on if you only chose Cabernet Sauvignon.

In order to truly appreciate coffee as you appreciate wine, you should sample all the great ones out there. Like the different varietals and terroirs of wine, coffee beans grown in different regions vary in growing and processing techniques before being crafted by artisan roasters. The result is a roster of exquisite coffees that you still have yet to taste!

Travelling WA in search of these coffee beans can be costly, but thankfully we have made it simple for coffee lovers by sharing our love of amazing coffee with you.

Break out of your coffee rut the same way you do with wine. Live to taste it. Breathe in the heavenly aroma. Sip it and let the pleasure of the flavours make every day start out the right way. If you haven’t been sampling a variety of amazing Perth coffees, you should start now and discover even more ways to fill up your mug with great tasting coffee!

 Check out our selection of impressive coffees or complete our Coffee Matchmaker Quiz to see which flavours are for you!

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