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250g makes ~15 Cups & 1kg ~60 Cups

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Customer Reviews

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Bonnie D.

Loved my box, got four different coffees and they're all great! Also a great way to save money on not buying coffee when I'm out because I'm looking forward to what I have at home :)

Thanks for your review Bonnie!

We are passionate about uncovering the crème de la crème of our local coffee scene for you to enjoy whilst providing top-notch customer service, so you get the amazing coffee experience you deserve.

Our Roaster of the Month Box takes you on an adventure through our vibrant Perth coffee scene and helps you break free from the monotony of the same brews each month.

Your taste buds are in for a treat, and we’re super-thrilled to be a part of your coffee story!☕️

Rohan G. (Perth, WA, AU)
Overall Vibe:
1: Total Coffee Fail 👎
10: Absolute Perfection 🤩
1: Barely Bitter Brew
10: Bitter Bombshell
Kaltiva ROTM

Very tasty blends for on the run, and a new variety I have not tasted before, the Rawanda Red Bourbon Natural is great to sit down and enjoy the buttery spicy yet sweet wall of flavour.

Rohan, your review has us seriously BUZZING! We're SO excited you're digging the Kaltiva blends and discovering incredible new flavours like that Rwandan Red Bourbon Natural. Sounds like you have a seriously adventurous palate! Keep brewing and discovering! ☕️

Mat A. (Perth, WA, AU)
Overall Vibe:
1: Total Coffee Fail 👎
10: Absolute Perfection 🤩
1: Barely Bitter Brew
10: Bitter Bombshell
Great coffee

Luv it !!!

Thanks for the fantastic review, Mat! We're absolutely thrilled to hear you're loving the coffee from our Roaster of the Month. Keep enjoying those great coffee moments, and we look forward to bringing you more sipsational experiences. Happy sipping! ☕

Emily B. (Perth, WA, AU)
Overall Vibe:
1: Total Coffee Fail 👎
10: Absolute Perfection 🤩
1: Barely Bitter Brew
10: Bitter Bombshell
Best Gift Ever!!

I started a coffee subscription box as a gift for my husband for Valentine's Day! It has not disappointed! We love the variety in the boxes each month with the ability to change the blend options at any time, the service is speedy with our order being on our doorstep a day after the subscription renews & it is always a nice surprise because you never know what you're going to get. Keep up the good work guys! 😊

This review just made our whole week,Emily!! We're thrilled your hubby loves his Valentine's Day gift and that you're both enjoying the surprise and variety of our Roaster of the Month box! It sounds like you've discovered the magic of coffee subscriptions – amazing coffee, delivered right to your door! Thanks for spreading the love and for being part of our coffee crew! ☕️

Rohan G. (Perth, WA, AU)
Overall Vibe:
1: Total Coffee Fail 👎
10: Absolute Perfection 🤩
1: Barely Bitter Brew
10: Bitter Bombshell
Best of 2023 Box

Fresh Coffee as always, I particularly enjoyed the OffShoot Workhorse Blend and the Obison Wakey Wakey, rich full bodied coffee with chocolate and caramel notes. Great way to start the morning and get through my studies.

Rohan, this review made our day! We're thrilled you're loving the Best of 2023 Box, and those flavour notes you picked up on are spot-on! We're big fans of Offshoot and Obison – true Aussie coffee heroes. Cheers for fueling your studies with amazing coffee – now go ace those exams! ☕️

Coffee Subscription FAQ's

Your coffee adventure begins as soon as you join the club! With your precious beans making their way out the door shortly after you sign up.

Rest assured, if there happens to be a prolonged delay before we can dispatch your order, we'll reach out to you personally to keep you in the loop and offer some options.

When your order is placed between the 26th and 31st of the month, we'll ship it out the door at the beginning of the following month (Kindly note that this applies exclusively to RoM Subscription Box orders). During this exciting Roaster changeover period, we are eagerly awaiting the new goodies to arrive.

Now, we say "shortly after" because we receive fresh beans every week from our amazing Feature Roasters. But hey, the delivery day can be as unpredictable as a squirrel on caffeine!

If you ever find yourself running low, or in the 26-31st period and in need of an urgent coffee fix, no worries at all. Just give our team a holler, and we'll swiftly send out some mind-blowing coffees to keep your cravings at bay.

The main distinction between our Variety Box and Single Variety option lies in the number and type of coffees included.

The Variety Box - our most popular option - only available in sizes 500g and above, offers up to 4 different 250g bag coffee varieties. The specific number of varieties depends on the size you select: 1kg and higher include 4 varieties, 750g contains 3 varieties, and 500g features 2 varieties.

Don't worry, our Variety Box will never include a decaf bag. Instead, you'll receive a delightful assortment of roast strengths and some single-origin options.

In contrast, the Single Variety option provides a single type of coffee, regardless of the quantity chosen. It's important to note that sizes 1kg and higher for the Single Variety option come in 1kg bags.

So, whether you're seeking a diverse range of flavours with our Variety Box or prefer to stick to a single favourite coffee with our Single Variety option, we've got you covered for a delightful coffee experience.

When it comes to your roast preference, our Mix it Up option is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. In the variety box, you'll receive a selection of roast strengths each month to satisfy your taste buds. If you opt for the single variety, we'll mix it up for you from month to month.

In the variety box, when you choose Smoother or Stronger, you'll receive the smoothest or strongest varieties from our feature roaster. For the single variety option, we carefully select the most delicious smooth or strong coffee for you to enjoy.

If you're uncertain about your preference or want change, you can always make changes through your customer portal. However, as a general recommendation, we suggest going with the Mix it Up option if you're unsure.

It's important to note that the Mix it Up option never includes decaf unless specifically requested and keep in mind that our roasters only feature one decaf option, so if you choose decaf, it will always be a single variety.

We understand that households may have a mix of coffee and decaf drinkers, so we do offer the option to include a bag or two of decaf in your box. Simply leave a note at checkout or reach out to us, and we'll happily accommodate your request.

With our flexible options and commitment to delivering the perfect coffee experience, we're here to ensure everyone in your household can enjoy their cup of joe, just the way they like it.

If you're looking for the ultimate coffee adventure and want to try 4 coffees per month, you will need to select the Variety Box and a box size of 1kg or greater. This ensures you receive four distinct 250g bag varieties.

If you choose a lower size such as the 750g or 500g, you will get 3 or 2 * 250g bags respectively.

And remember, if you opt for a single variety box of 1kg or larger, it will come with 1kg bags for that specific coffee.

Coffee Lovers. Loving Coffee

I love the idea of a coffee subscription and 3 months in, I have been introduced to different roasters that I never would have known existed.

I love that the subscription is catered to different scales, I am the sole coffee drinker in the house and love that I don’t get lumped with kilos of beans, the smaller subscription suits me perfectly.

It’s also easy to pause the subscription.

Great initiative and I love the little extra surprises that come with some of the boxes.

Zoe Thayre

We have had a subscription from Perth Coffee Exchange since Dec 2020 and have never looked back to buying any other coffee beans.

The coffee quality is one of the things we noticed straight away! It is so fresh and delicious, and the variety we get each month is really excellent.

Recently I have had to enquire about upping my subscription and I couldn’t believe how quickly I received a response to a number of my emails and how quickly it got actioned – the customer service was excellent.
It is so hard to find a combination of great service and great product in one, and with the Perth Coffee Exchange you truly get both.

I could not recommend Perth Coffee Exchange enough!

Maja Gray

I've been subscribed to Perth Coffee Exchange for 8+ months and I've been blown away by how well the team at Perth Coffee Exchange have been doing!

The service and communication from the team is great and the beans.. outstanding, I've truly enjoyed learning and tasting some of the best roasted coffee that our great state of WA has to offer.

If you've been on the fence on whether or not to try their coffee subscription, do it, its worth it and you're truly supporting a local business that's supporting local roasters.

Chris Tan