AeroPress Guide

AeroPress Coffee Brew Method

Using an AeroPress is a sure and quick way to a smooth, delicious coffee.

This portable and easily adjustable brew method has been gaining rising popularity and is designed to be environmentally friendly. We supply compostable filters for the AeroPress as well as the reusable stainless steel disk which is handy for those trips away from home!

Why the AeroPress

AeroPress is a an easy, clean and delicious way to make your coffee with many perks including the ability to:

  • Easily adjust the grind size
  • Easily adjust the brew time
  • Easily adjust the water temperature
  • It's easy to clean
  • Creates grit-free coffee

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What you will need

The AeroPress is one of the most sustainable ways to make your coffee. All you need is the AeroPress, a filter, (we supply micro paper filters - which are compostable or, the reusable stainless steel filter disk) a sturdy mug and ground coffee of your choice! Check out our selection of Perth's best smooth coffee and strong coffee

 Extraction of coffee in AeroPress

How to do it

There are two methods to use the AeroPress. The traditional method, popular for beginners, or, the more precise inverted method. 

The Traditional Method follows the simple steps of:

1. Insert your filter into the AeroPress.

2. Place the AeroPress over a sturdy mug - sturdy as we will be applying pressure. 

3. Fill the AeroPress chamber with one scoop (approximately 18g) of medium fine coffee grounds.

4. Shake to level out the coffee grounds.

5. Add 200mL of hot water at approximately 80℃. 

6. Stir and agitate the coffee grounds in the water for about 10 seconds and let the mixture brew for approximately 2-3 minutes, stirring again half way through the brewing time. 

7. Insert the plunger, and press down gently! Adding too much pressure compacts the coffee grounds and produces under-extracted coffee. We recommend that you press down a few centimetres at a time and pause then continue. Stop when you feel resistance and a hissing sound. 

8. Clean out the AeroPress by removing the filter and pressing the used coffee grounds all the way through the chamber. Then rinse your AeroPress with clean water. 

9. Enjoy your delicious, smooth, grit-free coffee! Add milk or water to your preference. 

 Extracted used coffee grounds from AeroPress

The Inverted Method follows the same steps as the Traditional Method. However, the AeroPress is inverted with the plunger inserted as the base with coffee grounds and water filled over this and then the filter cap attached just before plunging. Then, the AeroPress is flipped back over and placed over a sturdy mug to proceed with the extraction. 

The Inverted Method allows for a more precise extraction of coffee as no water or coffee can begin filtering through during the brew time. Therefore, when measuring how much coffee grounds and water is used with a scale, a more exact ratio can be established. 

Tips we have for the inverted method: 

Wet the micro paper filter in the filter cap before attaching to the chamber to ensure the filter paper does not move position. 

Inverted method of the AeroPress

Some tips for the coffee connoisseurs 

Grind size and brew time:

  • Fine = 1 min
  • Medium Fine = 2-3 minutes
  • Medium = 3+ minutes

Roast level and water temperature:

  • Light roast = 90-100℃
  • Medium roast = 85-93℃
  • Dark roast = 79-88℃

To fix sour, acidic, salty coffee (under-extracted coffee):

  • Increase brew time
  • Decrease water temp
  • Use a finer grind

To fix bitter and tasteless coffee (over-extracted coffee):

  • Decrease brew time
  • Increase water temp
  • Use a coarse grind

Using the AeroPress provides many benefits to your coffee ritual including benefits of taste, portability, sustainability and adjustment. View our AeroPress product listings for more information and check out or AeroPress gift box!

For more tips and tricks check out our Filter Coffee Brew Guide.

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