Coffee Acidity: Quick Roast & Brew Guide


Hey there! If you're a coffee enthusiast seeking to master the perfect cup, then understanding coffee acidity is like hitting the bullseye. 

Welcome to our quick guide on Coffee Acidity, where we'll spill the beans on how acidity can make or break your brew. Let's grab a mug and dive into the delightful world of coffee flavours!

Understanding Acidity in Coffee

Here is the thing, coffee lovers: acidity in coffee isn't all about the pH level - it's about the zesty, tangy, or crisp flavours that dance on your taste buds. Picture it as the lively notes that add a spark to your daily cup. Different beans and roast levels have a say in how much zing your coffee carries.

Acidity and Taste Harmony

Now, let's talk about how acidity perfectly harmonizes your coffee symphony. It's like that sweet tune that blends seamlessly with the rest of the ensemble. The acidity balances the other flavours, making your coffee a delightful experience. Think of it as the secret sauce that gives your cup that extra oomph!

Discover the Coffee Acids


These acids aren't the same as those in a chemistry lab; we're talking about the natural flavour enhancers that are roasted out of the coffee beans, the ones that give your coffee its zing and zest.

  1. First, we've got citric acid on the stage, bringing in a citrusy pop like a burst of sunshine. 
  2. Then, there's malic acid, giving your brew a subtle apple-like sweetness, and a bit of a fruity twirl. 
  3. And finally we have phosphoric acid, adding a slightly tangy note to the ensemble. 

These acids each play a delightful role in making each sip an experience for your taste buds and one worth savouring.

Why Some Green Beans Are More Acidic


You see, not all green beans are created equal regarding acidity. It's like comparing a delicate waltz to a lively jig. Some beans boast a bit more acidity due to the specific types of acids they hold and there are a few factors affecting this which we will get into shortly.

These acids are like the dance moves, adding that distinct flair to your daily brew. Think of them as the stars of the coffee show, each bringing a different allure to your brew. So, the next time you taste that tanginess in your cup, don’t be put off, it's the coffee acids putting on a spectacular performance! If you take a moment to recognise the tastes we think you’ll appreciate that brew more.🌟

Factors Influencing Acidity in Coffee Beans

Now, here's where it gets interesting. A bunch of factors influence the acidity in your coffee. You should take note of the following:

1. The region where the beans are grown.

Africa, the home of these magnificent beans, is a place where the coffee scene is as lively as a bush party. Imagine wide-open spaces, drenched in African sun, nurturing beans that are the life of the coffee party. The African soil whispers to these beans, infusing them with a lively acidity that's a real dazzler. It's like a coffee carnival in your mug, a fiesta of flavours that'll make your taste buds do the happy dance.

2. The type of coffee variety.

Let's talk about coffee varieties, and the diverse cast of characters in our caffeinated play. 

The acidity in your coffee cup is influenced significantly by the type of coffee bean you choose. For instance, the Arabica species typically contains fewer chlorogenic acids, resulting in a milder perceived acidity. However, when you explore specific varieties like the SL-28 from Kenyan coffee farms, you'll encounter a more pronounced acidity.

Some coffee bean varieties thrive in cooler climates, where they develop distinct flavour profiles with heightened acidity, while others may favour warmer environments and produce a milder acidity.

3. The altitude at which they flourish.

You see, in the coffee world, the most sought-after beans often come from the high places. But let's spill the beans here – it's not just about being up in the clouds; it's about the temperature game.

When coffee chills in cooler weather, it takes its sweet time to ripen. That's like giving it extra days in the flavor gym. The result? Coffee that's bursting with complexity. Think more acidity and a symphony of aromas. It's like the coffee's way of saying, "I took my time, and it was worth it!"

Now, if you venture down the mountain where it's warmer, the coffee there has a different story to tell. It might not have gone through the same flavor boot camp, so it's got a milder vibe. But hey, every bean's got its tale, and that's what makes coffee so darn interesting. So, high or low, there's a world of flavor waiting in your cup! 🌄☕🌞

All these factors play a role in determining how much zing you get in your brew.

Brewing Techniques and Their Effect on Acidity

Brewing is an art. 

It's where the magic happens, where coffee beans become a glorious cup to enjoy. And yes, brewing can affect the acidity, too! The grind size, brewing time, and water temperature can all tweak acidity. It's like being the maestro of your coffee orchestra!

Roasting and Acidity

Ah, the roast! 

Roasting is like giving your coffee beans a makeover. 

Depending on the roast profile, the acidity can change. Light roasts retain more acidity, whilst the darker the bean is roasted the less acidity is present as it is roasted out of the bean and the sugars start to caramelise. It's all about the roast-level dance and how our local coffee roasters are able to bring us such an amazing variety of coffees to try. In short, finding that perfect rhythm for your taste buds!

So, there you have it, folks! Acidity in coffee is not the bad guy; it's the flavour hero bringing some pizzazz to your brew and keeping your taste buds happy.

Embrace it, understand it, and let it elevate your coffee experience. The right balance of acidity can turn your regular cup into a symphony of taste.

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