Best Coffees of 2021

Best Coffees of 2021

Hey coffee lovers 2021 was another crazy year filled with uncertainty and 2022 appears to be off to a cracker.


The good news is through all of this we still get to enjoy amazing coffee beans!


Last year we expanded our range with some exciting new local roasters coming on board and plenty of new coffees were added.


Out of the 20+ local roasters we partner with there were a few standouts that had our coffee community coming back for more.


We are thrilled to announce the Perth Coffee Exchange Coffee Awards for 2021 in the categories of best individual coffees, best overall roaster and best tasting box of 2021, as chosen by our incredible community of coffee lovers!


We are excited to be sharing these amazing local coffees with you.


"Perth Coffee Exchange is a community of coffee lovers who enjoy drinking great coffee, supporting local roasters whilst striving to appreciate the incredible variety of amazing coffee"

Top Coffees from 2021

1. Brother of Mine - People Everyday

After getting #3 honours in 2020, we are thrilled to announce Brother of Mine's flagship blend as the #1 coffee this year. Their top selling blend is designed with the everyday coffee drinker in mind.

Origin: Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia

Notes: Popcorn, vanilla milkshake, cocopops

Roast: Medium

2. Brew Coffee Roasters - Voodoo Brew

Brew CR's signature blend won a bronze in the 2018 Golden Bean and has been a popular choice with the Perth Coffee Exchange community since joining the line-up.

Origin: Signature Blend

Notes: Caramel and chocolate

Roast: Medium

3. Rocketfuel - Supernova

Just pipped for 2nd spot this blend by Rocket Fuel certainly hits the spot. A deserving inclusion in the Trending 2021 box and finishing the year strong it is no wonder this blend is loved by our community.

Origin: Colombia Tolima, Ethiopia Sidamo, Colombia Popayan

Notes: Caramel and tropical fruit

Roast: Medium-Dark

4. Gesha Coffee - Queen's Crown

Just missing out on Trending 2021 inclusion we are excited to announce Gesha's most popular blend the Queens Crown in the #4 spot. This signature blend rushes off the shelves every week.

Origin: Signature Blend

Notes: Toffee and dark chocolate

Roast: Medium - Medium-Dark

5. Pique Coffee - Ramble On

Just missing out on inclusion in our Best of 2021 Tasting Box is Piques - Ramble On. A deserved 5th place for one of Perth's newest coffee brands created by industry veteran Jase and wife Claire.

Origin: Brazil and Ethiopia Notes: Milk chocolate and berries

Roast: Medium

Experience the top four of these amazing coffees in our "Best of 2021 Tasting Box"

It's is a great way to try all the 2021 favourites and discover more of the coffees that you like. Use our exclusive tasting cards to uncover your favourite notes and preferred strength so that you can develop your taste profile.

Top Roaster of 2021: Margaret River Roasting Co.

The most popular roaster overall in 2021 was Margaret River Roasting Co. They have a great range of coffees and a wonderful focus on people and sustainability.


Top Roaster Tasting Box of 2021: Brew Coffee Roasters

Each month sees a tasting boxes from our Roaster of the Month and the most popular of 2021 was our Brew Coffee Roasters tasting box! This tasting box is still available, check it out!

2021 was an exciting year for coffee and for Perth Coffee Exchange!

We delved into a whole new range of tastes and flavours from around WA and are super thrilled that we got to share some amazing coffees with you.


We look forward to 2022 and sharing more of the local coffees that you love. We have some exciting new roasters joining the line-up and some of our crowd favourites will make a return.


Have a great week and remember coffee gives us the ability to have fun and be curious whilst exploring the incredible variety of coffee!

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