Best coffee beans Perth - 2022

Perth's Best Coffees  Trending 2022

Best coffee beans Perth - 2022

Latest Update 2023: 

(Get a glimpse into the year's most talked-about and sought-after coffee roasters and blends with our Best of 2022 or Hottest Coffee Beans of 2023 articles. They are a must-read for all coffee lovers looking to stay up to date with the latest and greatest brews.)

Hey, coffee lovers!

We know you love great coffee. That's why we only feature the best coffee beans at Perth Coffee Exchange.

Our amazing partner Coffee Roasters in Perth are known for their high quality coffee beans. With so many to choose from we understand that finding your perfect coffee beans can often can be a struggle.

To help you out we have just released the coffee beans that have been in demand so far in 2022.

These are the most popular and ordered coffees in Australia right now as chosen by your coffee loving peers - and they're definitely worth checking out!

Coffee Roasters in Perth produce some amazing specialty coffee beans

The process of roasting different coffees beans allows coffee roasters to showcase their artistic side and create an array of unique flavour profiles for you to enjoy.

This years Top 4 showcases some amazing blends and single origin coffee beans for you to try so without further ado here they are:

1. Brightside Coffee: Among Friends:

Bag of Amongst Friends coffee beans from Perth Coffee Roaster - Brightside Coffee.

This coffee has an incredible sweetness that will keep you coming back for more! It's rich and complex with notes of hazelnut, dried fruits & dark chocolate.

2. Brother of Mine: No Sleep Till Brooklyn:

Bag of No Sleep till Brooklyn Coffee beans from Perth Coffee Roaster Brother of Mine

This specialty coffee blend from Brother of Mine is a darker roast that celebrates the savoury side. You can taste notes like caramelised sugars and molasses along with chocolate bitterness for a unique drinking experience not too far off from what you might expect out if your favourite cupboard muffin!

3. Brew Coffee Roasters: Colombian Single Origin:

Bag of Colombian Single Origin Coffee Beans from Perth Coffee Roaster, Brew Coffee Roasters

Looking for a specialty coffee that's sweet, fruity, and full of flavour? Look no further than Brew's single origin Colombian.

This delicious coffee has big flavours of currants and plums up front, with a juicy body and vanilla/cinnamon finish.

It's sure to please any coffee lover. So why not give it a try today? You won't be disappointed.

4. Margaret River Roasting Co: Old Faithful

Bag of Old Faithful Coffee Beans from Perth Coffee Roaster, Margaret River Roasting Co.

Old neatly meets new. The Old Faithful Blend by Margaret River Roasting Co pays homage to the coffee of old, while overlaying modern roasting philosophies.

A perfect coffee for those who appreciate the old-fashioned ways. This medium roast is velvety smooth, with notes of malt, banoffi and rich maple sweetness.

You can enjoy it as a smooth, full bodied flat white or straight black. The Old Faithful is perfect for those who like a silky smooth, easy-going start to the day.

Try all 4 in our Trending 2022 Tasting Box:

See what all the fuss is about and explore all of the trending coffees from the first half of 2022 with the Trending 2022 Tasting Box!

2022 Trending Top Roaster Coffee Tasting Box

Welcome to the wonderful world of Brightside Coffee and experience their best and most brew-tiful coffee beans in our Brightside Coffee Tasting Box.

Brightside are all about delicious coffee, good stories and shared experiences. With years of experience roasting at some of WA's biggest coffee company's, they know how to make a great cup of joe.

The has been our most popular individual roaster Tasting Box so far in 2022 and is a great way to experience Perth's latest coffee venture and enjoy drinking a variety of Flippin good coffee.

Included in this box:

1. Among Friends BlendTastes like: Hazelnut, dried fruits and dark choc.

2. Good Times BlendA rich coffee - sweet chocolate notes - smooth creamy body.

3. Colombian La Jacoba - Single Origin beans - Tastes like Choc-orange, Apricot & Toffee.

4. Peruvian Alto Palomar Single Origin beans - Tastes like sweet chocolate, caramel and honey.

Brightside Coffee logo - coloured


Thank you for supporting local Perth Coffee Roasters! 

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Our partner coffee roasters are constantly innovating and roasting coffee blends with their unique styles and flavours, we know you'll be hooked too!

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Thanks for making Perth coffee roasters a part of your daily coffee routine!

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