Best Decaf Coffee of 2021

The best decaf coffee beans in 2021 from the top 4 coffee roasters in Perth

Best Decaf Coffee Beans 2021 in Perth

Hey coffee lovers a common belief in the coffee community is that decaffeinated coffee is not as full bodied or flavourful.


We are going to show you that this is a huge misconception!

Out of the 20+ local roasters we partner with there were a few standouts that had our coffee community coming back for more. Below are the Top 4 Decaf coffees of 2021 in Perth - as chosen by our Perth Coffee Community and their coffee cups.


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1. Offshoot Coffee - Decaf Coffee Beans

Offshoot's Popyan Decaf was an absolute winner last year. This Columbian brew has caramel and tropical fruits notes. The caffeine extraction process occurs without any excessive heat, leaving no damage to the cell walls. This means that the coffee roasts better and gives you a better tasting decaf brew!


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2. Brother of Mine - Decaf Coffee Beans

Brother of Mine, from Perth's 'equestrian' burbs, have a brilliant decaf brew, Columbia. Columbia is a darker brew with notes of chocolate, dried fruit and trail mix. This was super popular with our coffee community and we received great feedback on this brew!


3. Loaded Craft Roasters - Decaf Coffee Beans

Loaded's Columbia, like Offshoot, is produced by selected farms in the Popayan region. The beans are decaffeinated in Caldas through a unique process using sugarcane and water. This enhances the sweetness of the brew whilst maintaining the classic coffee taste that you want. This brew carries notes of red fruits and a chocolate finish. It also has a big body and medium acidity to it.


4. Crema Coffee Co - Decaf Coffee Beans

Crema have produced a brilliant decaf coffee bean with the Swiss Water Decaf. This is a single origin brew originating in Mexico, with notes of hazelnut, chocolate and toffee. Crema Coffee Co are a great coffee roaster in Perth with a passion for good coffee as well as sustainability.

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These are all brilliant decaf coffee bean options, whether it be for an after-dinner coffee or part of your daily routine.

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