The Evolution of Beer and Coffee

The evolution of coffee and craft beer

From Acquired Taste to Craft Connoisseur: The Evolution of Beer and Coffee

Gone are the days of settling for any old beer or coffee just because it's the simplest option available. The craft beer and coffee industries have both come a long way, giving us the chance to upgrade our taste buds and enjoy the finer things in life.

It wasn't too long ago that beer was simply an acquired taste, one that you didn't necessarily enjoy but rather, grew accustomed to. The same could be said for coffee; it tasted like coffee and that was that. But just as the craft beer industry disrupted the status quo, so too is the coffee market undergoing a similar revolution.

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The craft beer industry brought with it a change in the quality of beer on offer, with an emphasis on flavour and taste experience. Suddenly, people were drinking beer not just because they had too, but because they enjoyed it and appreciated the different experiences they could have with each brew. This marked the beginning of a journey in which beer drinkers started to try new and different beers, and soon enough, they were invested in the experience.

When you go to a bar, you no longer just order the same beer on tap. Instead, you scan the taps, looking for something new to try. And when you go to the bottle shop, you seek out the one with the best range of craft beers so that you can continue your journey of discovery.

The same is happening with coffee and as craft beer boomed with Perthians so too is our love for the golden nectar. It is the coffee lovers who are driving the industry's next evolution by enjoying the experience of trying new and different brews. As we explore the coffee industry, a shift away from the "coffee tastes like coffee" mentality is occurring and we are developing a greater appreciation for its unique flavours, we're elevating the coffee experience, much like the craft beer industry did for beer. 

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So, whether you're a beer buff or a coffee connoisseur, it's an exciting time to be a part of these industries as they continue to evolve and bring us new and unique taste experiences. So, let's raise a mug or a glass and celebrate the journey from acquired taste to craft enthusiast.

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