The Long Mac Topped Up

Long Mac Topped Up

What is a long mac topped up?

Many of us know what a Long Mac Topped Up is, but, our friends over East probably don't. The Long Mac Topped Up is a proud and popular West Aussie coffee style and a spin off from the Traditional Long Mac. The Long Mac Topped Up combines the richness of a Traditional Long Macchiato with the smoothness of a Latte, resulting in a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee that can be ordered and understood across Perth cafes.

It essentially is an extra strong Latte or Flat White served in a 6oz cup giving you a coffee to milk ratio of about 1:4. 

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Long Mac topped up being madeHow to make a long mac topped up. 

Start with a double shot of coffee made from fresh local beans in a 180ml or 6oz cup. Steam your choice of milk and top up the glass fully with a little head of froth or foam on top. 

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What makes it different from a Traditional Long Mac is that a Traditional Long Mac is made with a double shot of espresso and then just a stain or dash of steamed milk and froth. This leaves you with a coffee to milk ratio of about 2:1. 

Learn more about how coffee to milk ratios effects the taste of coffee. 

Long Mac Topped Up 3/4


Part of the appeal of the Long Mac Topped Up is its versatility. Many Perthians ask for their Long Mac topped up 3/4 to get an even stronger and vibrant coffee taste. This makes it a great choice for coffee connoisseurs who want to savour the nuances of the beans they're drinking.

In conclusion, the Long Mac Topped Up is a unique and delicious coffee drink that's worth trying if you ever have the chance. With its smooth texture, rich flavour, and versatility, it's no wonder why it's become a beloved local specialty in Western Australia. So, go ahead - make your next coffee order a long mac topped up!

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