Gesha Coffee Co.: A Taste of Fremantle's Heritage, Roasted in Perth

Gesha Coffee Co.: A Taste of Fremantle's Heritage, Roasted in Perth

Ever wondered what it takes to create a truly exceptional cup of coffee? It's not just about the beans, it's about the passion, the process, and the people behind each roast. This month, we're thrilled to feature Gesha Coffee Co. as our Roaster of the Month. Prepare to be captivated by their unique blend of history, sustainability, and an unwavering commitment to quality.


From Fremantle to Your Cup

Their journey began in Fremantle in 2014, fueled by the love of coffee of two Directors Carlo and Daniel. They combined their knowledge and passion for roasting and serving customers with exceptional coffee. Then they found in Fremantle the perfect quirky place to start this business venture that is now well recognized and loved by the people of Perth. Today, their carefully selected beans are roasted in Bibra Lake,WA.


Mission: Coffee Excellence and Community

As a specialty coffee roaster, Gesha Coffee Co. is committed to bring exceptional roasted coffee, equipment and service experience to coffee lovers in Perth and around Australia and abroad. This includes not only sourcing the finest green coffees from around the world but also building relationships with talented industry partners and creating a welcoming environment at their flagship café in Fremantle. 


Gesha Coffee Co. is deeply committed to sustainable practices, ensuring their coffee production leaves a positive impact on the planet and the communities they work with. They source green coffee from single farms and estates where the focus is on quality, provenance, sustainability and fair relationships with the growers.


Coffee Quality: The Pursuit of Perfection, Roasted Locally

Their coffee beans are meticulously sourced and selected, then expertly roasted in their Bibra Lake roastery. A dedicated quality control team, including a certified Q Grader, rigorously tests each batch in their sensory lab to ensure flavour consistency and excellence. You can even get a behind-the-scenes look at the roasting process through the lab's viewing window.


Coffee Lineup

Coffee Roaster's Perth - Gesha Coffee Co


This roastery has developed a diverse range of flavour profiles and selected beans from single origin farms to deliver a full range of coffee products to which have been tried and tested across many traditional and modern brewing methods. 

 Check out their selection and find your next favourite:

Holiday Blend

This smooth, medium-bodied coffee bursting with vibrant flavours of peach, apricot, and cherry – with low acidity is perfect for any brewing method, making it a delicious addition to your daily routine. Add milk to enhance the creamy texture and unlock the sweet symphony of stone fruit flavours.


This complex yet approachable coffee packed with the balanced flavours of bittersweet chocolate, peppery orange zest, and roasted almond, gives you a unique and satisfying experience with every sip. With a medium-full body and medium acidity, it's smooth and invigorating without being overpowering.

Stormy Nights

Embrace the dark side of coffee with this full-bodied blend delivers a powerful punch of dark chocolate and walnut, with a long finish and low acidity that's surprisingly smooth. A hint of smoky tobacco adds complexity and depth to this intense flavour profile.

Ethiopia Sidamo

This light-medium roast single-origin, grown in the Oromia region offers a delicate floral aroma, subtle blackberry notes, and a sweet citrus acidity reminiscent of lemon meringue, hat melts into a smooth cocoa finish.


Wake up your senses with a taste of the Kenyan highlands!This Gesha's single-origin coffee bean is bursting with the lush sweetness of blackberry and plum, complemented by a subtle berry-like acidity and a hint of warming spice. This full-bodied, medium roast offers a well-rounded flavour experience that captures the essence of Kenyan coffee culture in every sip. 

Colombia Supremo Huila

This exquisite single-origin coffee entices you with a delicate stone fruit aroma and a hint of dark chocolate. The medium body, balanced by an elegant apricot acidity, leads to a delicate walnut finish, creating a truly refined coffee experience.

Gesha Mountain Water Decaf

This rare Gesha coffee is decaffeinated using the gentle Mountain Water Process, renowned for preserving the delicate and nuanced flavors inherent in the beans. Expect a touch of natural sweetness and subtle hints of fruit. This coffee offers a light, refreshing, and truly unique decaf experience.

Gesha Coffee Co. is more than just a roaster; they're a story, a passion, and a commitment to excellence. Explore their diverse range of coffee blends, single origins, and innovative products. Experience the taste of Fremantle's heritage, roasted right here in Perth with a subscription box.


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