🌟 Ratings Form How-to Guide 🌟

Step 1: Sip & Rate

To get the most accurate rating, sip and rate your coffee while it's fresh in your mind. Your taste buds know best but their memory is not always the best!

The Minimum required ratings Attributes are: "Overall Vibe of the coffee and the roaster" and strength and bitterness. For an even better coffee profile leave a Body Rating too.

Step 2: Let's Begin

Page 1: Click to start your ratings adventure.

Page 2: Add your Name

Page 3: Is the RoM Box in your name?

For households with multiple coffee lovers, everyone can rate their coffee!

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Page 4: Subscription Under a Different Name?

No worries! Simply provide the Name, Email, or Delivery Address of the subscription box so we can verify.

Page 5: Pick Your Potion

Choose the coffee you want to rate. You can only rate one coffee at a time, so let's do it one by one.

Page 6: Overall Vibe

How did this coffee make you feel? Share the vibes on a scale of 1-1- of your coffee experience!

Page 7: Coffee Ratings - Let's dive into the details:


A: Strength: How powerful was the flavour punch?

B: Bitterness: Did it have a delightful bitter bite or was it smooth and sweet?

C: Body: How did it feel on your palate? Light and delicate or rich and full-bodied?

Page 8: Write Your Heart Out (Optional)

If you're feeling chatty, give us a written review too! Sharing your thoughts helps our roasters and fellow coffee drinkers.

Page 9: Roaster Connection

Tell us how you vibe with the roaster and their coffee brand. It's all about the coffee connection, after all!


Happy rating, coffee connoisseurs! Your feedback helps us create a world of amazing coffees, tailored to your tastes. Sip, rate, and share the coffee love! ☕️💕