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Ready to step off the beaten path and explore the captivating flavours of Ethiopian coffee? Kaltiva's Ethiopia - Guji G1 beans open a door to a unique coffee experience that's as rich in its flavours as it is in its story. From its distinctive region to the passionate farmers behind it, this coffee is an adventure for your tastebuds and your appreciation for ethical coffee sourcing.

  • The Guji Renaissance: Guji coffee's rising prominence stems from its unique qualities and direct sourcing, offering a distinct experience in the specialty coffee scene.
  • Dekitu Station: The Heart of Flavor: Led by the Alemayehu family, Dekitu Station embodies excellence in Guji coffee production, with a focus on quality, ethical sourcing, and community impact.
  • Experience Ethiopia: Guji coffee from Dekitu Station boasts fruity, floral notes, providing a sensory journey into Ethiopia's rich coffee heritage.
  • Commitment Beyond the Cup: Kaltiva and the Alemayehus prioritize ethical sourcing and community development, ensuring a sustainable future for Guji coffee farmers and their families.

Brew Your Ethiopian Adventure:

  • Dose 16g | Yield 30g | Time 23-25 Sec
  • Dose 18g | Yield 34g | Time 25-27 Sec
  • Dose 20g | Yield 38g | Time 27-30 Sec

BREW RATIO - 15 - 17:1
  • 60-65g of coffee per 1000ml of water
  • For 1 cup start with 13g of coffee and 200ml of water
  • Wet and preheat the lined V60 driper and vessel with hot brewing water, then discard water from the vessel.
  • Add in medium-coarse ground coffee to pre-wet filter, then bloom with water for 30 sec.
  • Gently pour in water in small circles from inward to outward, to desired volume.
  • Allow coffee to brew and draw down through a filter for approximately 3:00 - 3:30 min.
  • Remove V60 dripper and discard filter ground coffee
  • Pour, serve and enjoy freshly brewed KALTIVA coffee.

  • 1 cup = 20g of coffee per 200ml of water
  • Place the syringe into AeroPress at position 4, then invert. Pre-wet filter paper in the filter cap and set aside.
  • Add in coarse ground coffee to inverted AeroPress and then carefully pour in brewing water.
  • Gently stir to ensure all ground coffee is saturated, then allow the brew to steep for 1:00 - 1:10.
  • Screw on the cap, purge headspace air, and then invert the AeroPress onto a vessel and gently plunge for 30 - 40 sec.
  • Serve and enjoy your freshly brewed KALTIVA coffee.


Question: What makes Guji coffee different from other Ethiopian coffees?
Answer: Guji coffee distinguishes itself through its unique flavor profile, characterized by fruity and floral notes, setting it apart within Ethiopia's diverse coffee offerings.

Q: Are these beans good for espresso?
A: As an omni roast, these beans are suitable for espresso brewing, offering flexibility in achieving desired flavor profiles across different brewing techniques.

Q: What is Kaltiva's role in supporting the farmers producing this coffee?
A: Kaltiva plays a crucial role in supporting Guji coffee farmers through direct sourcing, ensuring fair practices, and fostering strong relationships to promote sustainability and community development.

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