Meet Sparks Coffee Roasters: Igniting Flavourful Adventures in Every Sip!


Curating remarkable coffee experiences is our passion at Perth Coffee Exchange. We're the detectives of deliciousness, always hunting for the beans that will elevate your coffee moments. Hold onto your mugs, because we're about to unveil the captivating journey of a local Perth gem – Sparks Coffee Roasters. 🕵‍♀ 

So, What Sets Sparks Coffee Roasters Apart?

At Sparks Coffee Roasters, they're not just roasters, they're passionate flavour explorers just like us. Their story begins with a simple truth: they do their own thing, and they love it. This family-run roasting gem stands out for all the right reasons. They started out roasting for their own café and they believe there's no substitute for the quality and affection infused into each coffee bean.

Their journey is about tirelessly crafting the perfect cup of coffee, fine-tuning flavour profiles that ignite the senses. Using a small batch 6kg Giesen roaster, they devote ample time to perfecting each roast to their exacting standards. With their café as the proving ground, they ensure their blends match the palates of their cherished customers.

They're not just part of our amazing coffee community but the wider coffee community in Armadale and the surrounds; they're actively working to educate everyone about the importance of paying a little extra for their morning brew, supporting producers who dare to push the boundaries of coffee's potential.


Upcoming Excitement in the Sparks Universe

The spark of excitement isn't dimming any time soon for Sparks Coffee Roasters. They're in the midst of setting up a new roasting facility in Bibra Lake – a space that's set to be as vibrant as their flavours. And there's more – brace yourselves for some amazing micro lots from Colombia, set to light up this year's golden bean roasting competition. Now, that's the kind of buzz we can't wait to taste!

Values and Family Roots

Ever wondered what ignites the Sparks Coffee Roasters? Their journey was sparked by the quest for a better morning brew. After running their café for years, they craved access to diverse and freshly roasted coffee. The rabbit hole of coffee exploration led them on a path of perpetual improvement, and their goal was clear – to create a coffee hub in Armadale and the surrounding hills, spreading the joy of fresh, flavourful coffee.


And their roastery's name? It's a nod to their Chittering farm in WA, signifying family and passion – two elements they bring into their work every single day.

Get ready to embark on a flavourful adventure with Sparks Coffee Roasters this month. Their passion for coffee and their community radiate through every cup they create. Let's savour the journey together! ☕️🌟

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