Introducing Perth Coffee Roaster "Brightside Coffee": A Story of Passion and Perfection

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At Perth Coffee Exchange, we are always on the lookout for exceptional coffee beans to delight our customers. That's why we are thrilled to bring you the remarkable journey of local Perth Coffee Roaster - Brightside Coffee. Their story begins with a burning passion for finding and savouring extraordinary brews, much like our own love for exceptional coffee. It's what made welcoming Brightside into the PCX Fam an absolute match made in coffee heaven.

Edith and Matt, the founders of Brightside, realised the importance of starting each day with a perfect cup, and they knew many others shared this sentiment. Driven by their passion and armed with a mix of risk-taking, industry knowledge, and roasting expertise, they ventured into the world of coffee roasting. The result was the birth of Brightside, a brand that embodies everything we value - visual appeal, approachability, and most importantly, the pursuit of coffee perfection.

Brightside's journey was marked by careful planning and creative brainstorming, as they outlined their clear goals for the brand on big post-it notes, spread across their living room. Their aim was to create a coffee experience that resonated with both seasoned coffee enthusiasts and newcomers to the coffee world.


As we all know, a great name can be the key to success. And for Brightside, the perfect name came to them during a roasting session, accompanied by the iconic tune "Mr. Brightside" by The Killers. It was destiny, and they had already registered the trading name two years prior - a true sign that they were meant to shine bright in the coffee industry.

At Perth Coffee Exchange, we believe in partnering with coffee roasters who deliver something truly special to our community. Brightside's coffees are no exception. Roasted with care to achieve sweetness, balance, and a delicate flavour profile, their coffees definitely earn their place in our line-up of extraordinary coffees.

This month, we have something truly special to offer alongside two of Brightside's best selling coffees – the Good Times Blend and Amongst Friends Blend. At Perth Coffee Exchange, we are thrilled to present two delightful and fascinating Single Origins.

First up is the renowned Santa Izabel from Brazil. This Single Origin is bound to please the crowd with its pleasantly mild, super balanced, and smooth profile. Prepare to be enchanted by its notes of cocoa, the sweetness of caramel, and the delightful stone-fruit finish. If you love a more subtle coffee experience, this brew is an absolute dream. 🍫🍬🍑

And that's not all! We are absolutely ecstatic to share a truly unique coffee from Timor Leste. This exquisite gem boasts a harmonious balance of fresh grapes and luscious raisins, with a delightful hint of booze that adds a touch of sophistication. Imagine transporting yourself to an island escape with its tropical vibes, while indulging in its delicate cacao finish that leaves you with a silky-smooth and sweet sensation. 🌴🍇🍍

Excited yet? You can have it all in the Brightside Tasting Box! Try all four of their best sellers and see why we can't contain our enthusiasm. It's a coffee adventure you won't want to miss. 🌟

So, dear coffee lovers, we invite you to join us in embracing the bright side of coffee with Brightside. When you choose their exceptional brews, you're supporting a brand that shares our values and dedication to delivering nothing but the best to your cup. Enjoy the amazing flavours and joyful moments that await you in each cup of Brightside coffee. Cheers to a coffee experience like no other! ☕🌞🎉


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