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At Perth Coffee Exchange, our mission is to share the love for local coffee, transforming each journey into an unparalleled adventure. Our 2023 Home Coffee Awards highlight the crème de la crème of Perth's coffee scene, celebrating the exceptional beans, outstanding roasters, and the most irresistible tasting boxes that embody the best of coffee in Perth, setting new standards in taste, aroma, ethical sourcing, and community appreciation through their reviews and purchases.

The Crème de la Crème of Perth's Coffee

We're thrilled to share the victors of the 2023 Home Coffee Awards, which stand as a tribute to Perth's top coffee suppliers. These roasters and blends have not only won our hearts but have also redefined the standards for specialty coffee in Western Australia and beyond.

Join us in celebrating these champions, offering a glimpse into their excellence through our ultimate online coffee experience.

Best Coffee Selections of 2023


Obison - Wakey Wakey: Awakening Your Senses

Wakey Wakey by Obison, crafted from premium Perth coffee beans, is a revelation for the senses. With a harmonious flavour balance of milk chocolate, honeycomb, peach, and malt, each sip promises an energizing, delightful journey.

Why You Need to Try It: Wake up to the celebrated premium coffee of Perth with Wakey Wakey, a blend that promises to awaken your senses.

Wendy W. shares, “Obison’s Wakey Wakey is exactly what you would expect it to be beautiful full bodied strong flavoured coffee just what you need to get your day started and smooth enough to have at anytime of day.”

In partnership with Perth's specialty coffee roasters, Offshoot's Workhorse delivers bold flavours from premium WA coffee beans. This robust blend of Brazilian and El Salvador beans features rich caramel and cacao notes, offering versatility whether enjoyed black or with milk.

Why You Need to Try It: Discover the powerhouse blend for those seeking the finest coffee in Perth city.

Jemma H. says: “This is favourite amongst my family and friends. A strong but smooth tasting blend with a beautiful chocolate aftertaste. This blend had people requesting a second cup.”
Among Friends by Brightside, a favourite among Perth city coffee shops, is a testament to the rich, full-bodied brews that local coffee distributors in Perth are celebrated for. This special selection yields a brew with hints of hazelnut, dried fruits, and dark chocolate, perfect for bold flavour enthusiasts.
Why You Need to Try It:  Experience the joy of quality coffee perfected in Perth with Among Friends, a blend that brings people together.

Parima S. notes:
“Among Friends Blend has become my everyday coffee, it has smooth taste and also very good with milk.”

Pique - Ramble On: A Flavourful Journey
Pique's Ramble On invites you on a global flavour journey. Renowned among Perth's top roasters, this blend combines the finest local beans to deliver notes of milk chocolate and berries, offering an adventure in every sip.

Why You Need to Try It:  For an adventure in every sip, Ramble On is your ticket to the world's finest flavours.

Wai G. says: “This coffee reminds me of biting into one of those cherry/berry filled chocolate.The flavour is exactly as suggested on the packet. Strong but smooth milk chocolatey taste at the beginning with hints of berries that compliments really well with the richness of the milk chocolate flavour. Definitely recommend this!”

Our New Tasting Box!


We've combined these extraordinary coffees into our Best of 2023 Tasting Box, so you can explore them all in one hassle-free package. It's an invitation to savour the award-winning tastes of 2023 and make your coffee ritual truly exceptional.

Best Tasting Box of 2023: Trending 2023:

Our coffee adventurers have spoken, making the Trending 2023 Box the top choice for tasting experiences. This box, raved about by our community of over 1,000 coffee lovers, contains the most popular and discussed brews on the scene, serving as your perfect guide to Perth's coffee culture.

Top Roaster of 2023: Pique Coffee

Pique Coffee has stolen the hearts (and taste buds) of our coffee-loving community. With their dedication to crafting exceptional coffee experiences, they've earned the coveted title of Top Roaster of 2023. Congratulations, Pique Coffee!

Here’s to More Sip-sational Discoveries

As we wrap up a successful year of celebrating Perth's best coffee, we extend a heartfelt congratulations to our winners and a big thank you to our community. Your passion for premium coffee in Perth drives us to continually seek out the best beans and roasters.

Once again, congratulations to all our winners and participants who continue to inspire and push the boundaries of our coffee experience.

Join the Adventure

The journey doesn't stop here. As we celebrate the best of 2023, we're already looking forward to raising the bar in 2024. Share your thoughts and reviews on our product page,and help shape the future of Perth's coffee culture.

We invite you to explore our winners and tasting boxes and inspire others to discover an array of coffees for their daily enjoyment.

Here's to another year of celebrating the love and joy of discovering specialty coffee! Happy sipping! 

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