The Brew-liant Birth of Perth Coffee Exchange

Perth Coffee Exchange

Coffee is not just a drink, it's a shared experience with friends and loved ones. Can you imagine anything better than bonding over a good cuppa and a juicy story? That's what life is all about, folks!

And speaking of stories, let me share with you the tale of how Perth Coffee Exchange came to be.

Coffee, the elixir of life! It's the go-to pick-me-up for those peaceful moments of solitude or the source of that first burst of energy in the morning. Sip on, coffee lovers is my motto!

In my household, coffee is a non-negotiable staple and we believe in investing in quality rather than cutting corners on costs. And it’s significance became even more special when Andy and I welcomed our two little angels, Zoe and Pippa, into the world.

Person drinking a fresh coffee

As coffee enthusiasts, we enjoyed exploring Perth's coffee scene, but with our busy family life, we found ourselves drinking more and more coffee at home. And since we're all about adventure, we thought, why not make our daily grind more exciting by searching for local beans to add to our routine.

But boy, was it tough finding the best beans out there. With so much variety and no single source for recommendations, we were on a wild goose chase.

And that's when Perth Coffee Exchange was born. A platform that connects coffee lovers to the local scene, and makes it easier for people like us to find great beans. We started with 6 roasters and 10 varieties in 2018 and now, in 2023, we've grown to become Perth's leading online coffee website, featuring beans from 20+ of the best local roasters. Check out our partner roasters here.

In 2021, I stepped down from the WA Police to focus all my energy on Perth Coffee Exchange and to be there for Zoe and Pippa as they navigate their early school years.

Fresh coffee in cups with a group holding

We at Perth Coffee Exchange are a community of passionate coffee lovers who believe in supporting local roasters who are dedicated to sourcing and roasting the highest quality beans. We believe that drinking great coffee is a unique and joyous experience, and we're constantly exploring new and exciting coffees to try.


The future looks bright for coffee in Perth and with our growing community, we hope to spark even more interest and excitement among coffee lovers. Let's show everyone just how fun and delicious coffee can be!

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Want to become part of our coffee community and get delicious coffee from some of Perth's best coffee roasters? Join our Roaster of the Month Coffee Subscription!

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