What is Your Coffee Persona?

Coffee personality test

Everyone has their go-to coffee order, whether you are a Coffee Drinker, Coffee Lover, Coffee Enthusiast or a Coffee Connoisseur. With so many variables that go into making your morning cuppa, we have created a list of different coffee personas exploring the typical factors and behaviours of the different levels of coffee appreciation. 

So sit back with your go to brew and let's do a "Coffee Personality Test".

What Makes You a Coffee Drinker?

If you are a Coffee Drinker, you have had your morning cup of coffee in your routine for as long as you can remember. You know what you like and you stick to it. For you, coffee is a necessity, not a luxury. You prefer your coffee with milk and maybe two sugars. You are not particularly concerned about the origin or roast of your coffee, as long as it gives you the boost you need to start your day.

Nescafe basic coffee drinker

What Makes You a Coffee Lover?

If you are a Coffee Lover, you rarely go a day without your morning cuppa. You enjoy going to your local cafe and getting your usual order of a flat white, latte or cappuccino. For you, coffee is not just a beverage, but a source of pleasure. You drink coffee for the taste of coffee! Your daily coffee is built into your routine and is almost a guilty pleasure. You may start to experiment with home coffee brewing, trying different blends, and brewing methods to satisfy your craving for that perfect cup of coffee.

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What Makes You a Coffee Enthusiast?

Coffee Enthusiasts take things a step further with their coffee habits. They like their coffee done just right with no acidity and no burnt taste. They might even have a favourite barista who knows how to make their coffee order just right! Coffee Enthusiasts take their time to drink their cuppa, savouring the tastes and enjoying their brew from start to finish. They order long macs topped up and explore up and coming local roasters in the local coffee scene. They have taken the time to learn the ins and outs of their home brew method, whether it's the classic Breville Barista Express or the AeroPress. For Coffee Enthusiasts, coffee is more than just a morning pick-me-up, it's a passion.

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ristretto coffee style

What Makes You a Coffee Connoisseur?

The epitome of those who appreciate coffee, Coffee Connoisseurs have taken things to the next level. They sip, savour and repeat with their coffee, taking time to pull out the different flavours and fragrances in their cup becoming well acquainted with the Coffee Tasting Wheel. They experiment with different brew methods and make coffee a hobby rather than a habit. Coffee Connoisseurs have a higher coffee to milk ratio in their cup, opting for traditional short macs, espressos and even ristrettos (read more on the different types of coffees explained). They take time to appreciate the complexities of particular coffee growing regions so opt for Single Origins to really cherish the produce of the region. Coffee Connoisseurs take time to appreciate the artistry of a well-made cup of coffee, from the aroma to the texture to the taste.

In conclusion, whether you are a Coffee Drinker, Coffee Lover, Coffee Enthusiast or a Coffee Connoisseur, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy your coffee. It's all about finding what works for you and what brings you pleasure. So, sit back with your go-to brew and enjoy the experience!

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