How Fresh Should Your Coffee Beans Be?

Fresh Coffee Beans

Hey coffee lovers! How do you like your coffee to taste - fresh or stale? We're here to tell you that coffee bean freshness is the key to a delicious brew. 

At Perth Coffee Exchange, we believe that freshness is key to a great cup of coffee. With so many myths and misconceptions out there about coffee bean freshness, we're here to set the record straight.

It really comes down to two important things: the roast date and the time since grinding. We'll break it down for you in a simple and straightforward way, so you can enjoy every sip of your delicious coffee without any confusion or guesswork.

Coffee beans that are freshly roasted are like a party in your mouth, displaying a more dynamic taste profile and a brighter aroma which definitely beats beans that have been lounging on the shelf for months on end like at the grocery stores.

And, when it comes to grinding, freshly ground coffee is the key to unlocking a whole new world of flavour, as it will be more vibrant than coffee that's been pre-ground and chilling around for weeks on end just waiting to be brewed. 

Quick Coffee Tip 👉 - If you are looking for an affordable entry level home coffee grinder we recommend the 'Sunbeam Grind Fresh' coffee grinder ranging between $100 - $120! This entry-level coffee grinder is an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts who want to customise their grind for their preferred brewing method, from espresso to Aeropress to filter. It's easy to adjust and set up, allowing you to enjoy a perfectly ground cup of coffee every time. Although we advise against pre-grinding too much coffee, this grinder is perfect for grinding larger amounts of beans. Check out our coffee grind guide for filter brew styles.

However, there's a catch. After roasting, the beans need to degas for about 5-14 days to reach their full flavour potential. This process releases the carbon dioxide built up during roasting, allowing the coffee to develop its taste and aroma. So, if you want the best cup of coffee remember, super fresh isn't best, it's worth waiting a few extra days after the roast date. 

Home Coffee Grinder

At Perth Coffee Exchange, we take freshness seriously. We work with our partner coffee roasters to understand each roast’s unique peak freshness timeframe. To give you ample time to relish fresh coffee, we only ship beans that are within 20 days from roasting, guaranteeing you the best possible flavour profile for each type of coffee. On average, coffee we ship is just 10 days post roasting, meaning your taste buds are in for a real treat!

So just how long will your coffee remain fresh after degassing and reaching full flavour? Well, even the most developed palates of industry professionals don't notice a difference in freshness until about 6 weeks post-roast date. So don't stress too much about the initial ageing period of your coffee beans, just enjoy them while they're fresh! Read more on how to develop your palate for coffee.

For coffee aficionados, with discerning palates, that are able to pick out individual notes, you may start to detect changes in the flavour profile around 6-8 weeks, while for the rest of us coffee enthusiasts, a noticeable increase in stale and bitterness may become noticeable around the 10-12 week mark. 

So to get the most out of your coffee, it's best to buy it fresh and try to consume it within 2 months to avoid any stale or bitter flavours. Keep in mind, how you have your coffee also plays a role. For example, if you enjoy yummy flat whites, it will take longer to notice the changes due to the sweetness of the milk masking early changes in flavour. However, if you prefer a straight up espresso or macchiato, you will likely notice these changes at the 6-8 week mark. Read more on the different types of coffee explained. 

How to store your coffee beans?

As soon as you open your coffee bean bag it exposes the beans to sunlight, oxygen and potentially moisture which degrades the beans and reduces the quality in your cup. This is where the foodies that enjoy our Coffee Tasting Boxes or selecting a variety of individual 250g or 500g coffees have the upper hand. Receiving 250g bags helps to reduce the risks of open bags compromising all the beans at once ensuring the closed bags stay fresher for longer.

Coffee Tip 👆 If you buy kg bags store your coffee beans in airtight containers to limit the exposure to oxygen which may increase the time your coffee turns stale and tasteless.

Coffee Tip 👆 Store your coffee beans in opaque containers to limit the exposure to direct sunlight which also compromises your coffee beans. 

Coffee Tip 👆Store your coffee beans in a cool, dry and dark place - such as your pantry! It's best to keep the outside temperature consistent and to keep your coffee beans away from moisture. So avoid the fridge or freezer unless they are vacuum sealed in airtight packaging. 

Fresh Coffee

Whether you prefer light and bright or dark and rich coffee, we've got you covered. And because we only ship fresh coffee beans, you can be sure you're getting the best possible cup of coffee every time. Check out our range smooth and strong coffee beans tailored from the best coffee roasters in Perth.

So, grab a bag of fresh coffee beans, grind them just before brewing, and enjoy all the subtle flavours and aromas that freshly roasted coffee has to offer! And if you have any questions, our team is always here for a friendly chat.

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