Introducing Obison Coffee Roasters: Joining the PCX Fam!🌟

Obison Coffee Roasters - Impressive Perth Coffee Roaster

At Perth Coffee Exchange, we're not your average coffee company. We're on a mission to revolutionise the way you find and savour your coffee at home. With great joy, we unveil our latest discovery: Obison Coffee Roasters!

📍 Based in the picturesque Busselton in the South West of Western Australia, Sheldon and the passionate team at Obison Coffee Roasters bring their exceptional craft to every cup.

We're proud to welcome these true local legends to our coffee-loving community as our Feature Roaster.

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Sheldon from Obison Coffee Roasters - Making sip-sational coffee from his amazing coffee beans

  From Bean to Cup, they’re committed to showcasing the incredible journey of coffee beans. They hold immense respect for the hardworking farmers and producers who grow the specialty coffee beans we all know and love. That's why they meticulously roast their coffee beans with care, ensuring they honour their dedication.

At Perth Coffee Exchange we've brought together 28 local Perth Coffee Roasters, to create a platform that offers endless possibilities. Delve into a world of extraordinary Coffee Bean varieties, flavours, and narratives that will revolutionise your coffee journey.

This month, we have some incredible new additions to our coffee bean line-up that will surely tantalise your taste buds:

🚀 Rocket Surgery: Prepare for an out-of-this-world coffee experience with Rocket Surgery, the ultimate coffee bean blend by Obison Coffee Roasters. This fusion of science and artistry delivers exceptional flavour notes of chocolate, malt, maple syrup, and black tea. Versatile and perfect for both milk-based and black coffees, Rocket Surgery will elevate your coffee rituals.

️ Wakey Wakey: Kickstart your day with the invigorating Wakey Wakey coffee bean blend by Obison Coffee Roasters. As you welcome the morning sun, let this coffee bean be your perfect companion. Savour the delightful balance of flavours, including milk chocolate, honeycomb, peach, and malt. Each sip is a journey of pure awakening.

Range of Coffee Beans from Obison coffee roasters

Additionally, we have two extraordinary Single Origin coffees available exclusively for July:

 🌍 Bitoya, Guji - Ethiopian Washed Coffee Beans: Immerse yourself in the enchanting flavours of Ethiopian craftsmanship. Grown in Oromiya's captivating region, these coffee beans showcase notes of chocolate, juicy dark berries, and star anise. Their meticulous washed process accentuates their unique qualities, providing a truly captivating experience.

🌳 Brazil Single Origin: Embark on a sensory adventure with the exquisite Brazil Single Origin coffee beans. Cultivated with care on Fazenda Monte Verde, these beans offer a harmonious combination of milk chocolate, red apple, malt, and hazelnut. Crafted through a natural process, they retain their distinct characteristics, reflecting the region's exceptional quality.

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Join us on this floppin' tasty coffee adventure as we celebrate the remarkable flavours and dedication that go into every sip. Let's raise our mugs to the amazing journey of coffee and the love we have for people and their incredible creations.

Welcome, Obison Coffee Roasters! Together, let's embark on this delicious journey! ☕🙌

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