Roaster of the Month - Brew Coffee Roasters

Local Coffee Roaster in Perth Brew Coffee Roasters May 2023 - Feature Coffee Roaster

Local Coffee Roaster in Perth - Brew Coffee Roasters - May 2023 - Feature Coffee Roaster!

Introducing you to Brew Coffee Roasters our exciting Roaster of the Month for May. Brew Coffee Roasters has been part of our amazing coffee community for some time with featured coffee beans in our popular Trending 2022 Tasting Box, Best of 2021 Tasting Box and... was named our most popular Roaster Tasting Box in 2021. Go Brew! 

Now in the own words of Brew Coffee Roasters...What sets them apart from other coffee roasters in Perth?

Brew Coffee Roasters sets itself apart from other coffee roasters in WA by offering high-quality, sustainably sourced coffee, being transparent about its practices and fostering a community around coffee. 

Sounds like something we can get behind for sure! With multiple partner cafes around WA, your favourite cuppa might already be from Brew!

Brew Coffee Roasters Perth coffee roaster

What's their origin story?

Originally Brew Coffee Roasters was known as Big Brew which was founded all the way back in 2006! Starting off with roasting on a 30kg coffee roaster. 

Over the next 12 years, Big Brew grew organically and expanded its partner cafe base, meaning they needed to get a bigger roaster! To accommodate for the demand of their delicious coffee they started roasting on a 60kg Bambati coffee roaster alongside the smaller 30kg roaster.

In 2018 Big Brew was rebranded to be our beloved Brew Coffee Roasters and continues to grow by being product focussed and supporting its relationships with partners, suppliers and customers. 

If you wanna see more behind the scene action, check out Brew Coffee Roasters in Wangara where you can grab a coffee on site Mon-Fri and sneak a peak at how the magic happens at their roastery.

Exciting News!

Brew Coffee Roasters are keeping the coffee flowing and the businesses growing with a need to expand its roastery further! In June-July, Brew Coffee Roasters are installing a brand new roaster that will allow for even more delicious and high-quality coffee and we are surely buzzing for that! 


Brew Coffee Roasters coffees

The values behind Brew

With core values of respect, honesty and integrity, Brew Coffee Roasters are able to lay the foundation for all healthy relationships surrounding its business including, sourcing, cafe partnerships and customer relationships. Furthermore with a conscious commitment to ethical and sustainable practices for both the environment and the people they work with, Brew Coffee Roasters can provide you with a guilt free coffee!

Brew Coffee Roasters shares our value of community, believing that community and collaboration is essential for the industry. "We believe that coffee is more than just a drink - it's a way to connect with others and build relationships."

Finally, with passion for coffee, Brew Coffee Roasters are always looking for ways to be innovative with improving the quality of your coffee. They roast their beans carefully to bring out the unique flavours of the origins and to unlock the best experience in your cuppa. 

So here's to you Brew, Cheers! 

See what coffee beans we stock from Brew Coffee Roasters!

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