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We are proud to uncover another hidden gem in Perth's vibrant coffee roaster scene and introduce our latest addition to the Perth Coffee Exchange roaster fam, Daylight Coffee Roasters.

We love finding hidden coffee gems here in Perth and Daylight sure is the crown jewel we've found for April!

Read more on this new Perth Coffee Roaster below. 

With values in making coffee simple, approachable, delicious, and fair. Whether you love a strong black coffee or a creamy latte, they've got you covered! With a focus on both milk and black coffee, their coffee beans are roasted with love and tested extensively for a taste that will leave you wanting more. Their ethos in summary being "Coffee for Everyone, Roasted in Perth."

Daylight Coffee Roasters are currently roasting out of another popular and top roaster, Offshoot Coffee, which speaks highly of their attention to detail and best roasting practices. 

Now, some words from the brains behind Daylight Coffee Roasters, introducing Alex and Jake. 

Alex Head Roaster of Daylight Coffee in Perth

What sets Daylight apart from other roasters?

I like to think that what makes Daylight special is our hybrid approach to the industry. Both Jake and I started coffee in cafes that used darker roasts, so we both are fond of milk coffee produced with heavier roasts; but then ended up working in speciality light roast stores as our careers progressed. I think when a lot of people stay in coffee a long time or go from one circle of roasting to another, they tend to stay there and feel like they have to pick one. It's like when kids have to pick one console, so whether they chose Xbox or PlayStation they will commit fully, hah. 

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Plain and simple, cafes/coffee shops pay a large portion of their bills with large flat whites. We try and produce a house coffee to please as many people as possible, a little on the darker side, but then still pick fun and interesting singles to keep the people that are interested happy. I truly believe our house coffee really ticks the boxes for almost everyone. Some people may want it to be lighter or heavier, but everyone will still enjoy it. Plain and simple sticking with the ethos of "coffee for everyone!"
Try out Daylight's iconic house blend Dawn!
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Daylight Coffee Roasters in Perth
Values of Daylight Coffee Roasters
From a coffee production aspect, it's simple! When we cup, it's entirely focused on how the coffee tastes (see what this month's coffee beans taste like here).
No story or trying to pad out an offering, just trying to release nothing but yum coffees. Then narrowing down to find suitable pricing and processing methods to make sure we have a little something for everyone. Then using as many best practices as possible to ensure quality and consistency is maximised. No secrets and no voodoo just hard work and repeatability.
I've personally seen a little rebirth of the 'snooty barista' sort of thing that I thought we moved passed as an industry, but it drives me crazy. Good coffee shouldn't be gate kept, nor defined as only one thing. This happens at both a roastery and cafe level.
If someone likes milk/sugar/syrup/whatever in their coffee, who cares. It's their coffee. You have the right to chose to provide what you want as a business but ultimately you should want to make your customers happy because you feel it's right, not for financial gain. We're always keen to help and make sure people are enjoying what they paid for to the highest degree possible.
Again, 'coffee for everyone'.
Where can you find Daylight Coffee in Perth?
Miller+Baker (Perth)
Deli Chicchi (Mount Claremont)
Giant Coffee (Northbridge)
Parkside Coffee (Perth)
With a good spread of guests along the way. We love working with local cafes
Parkside Coffee Cafe in Perth
There you have it. Our new local Perth coffee roaster, Daylight, keeping things simple whilst creating a coffee experience for everyone to enjoy! Keeping in mind the everyday coffee drinker as well as those who like to delve into the art of coffee appreciation.
Next time you are searching for great coffee beans in Perth, check out Daylight Coffee Roasters. We know you'll find something you love.

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