Roaster of the Month - Crema Coffee Co.

Perth Roaster Crema Coffee Co

Kicking off February with Crema Coffee Co!

Crema Coffee Co is a local Perth Artisan Roastery from the Perth Hills, now based in Canningvale and celebrating their 21st birthday this year!

Crema's main goal is to develop the chemistry between good people and great coffee! They see coffee as a catalyst in bringing people together and developing a community. 


Crema Coffee Co green beans

Some exciting updates from Crema Coffee Co is their recent packaging refresh creating Perth's first ever home compostable plant based bags. These bags save 50% on carbon impact and 80% on fossil fuel consumption. Before composting at home or placing in your green bins remove the valve on the back of the bag!

How does Crema Coffee Co make their delicious coffee?


Working with a team of local importers to ensure fair trade and best agricultural practices from the farms where the green beans are sourced from. Crema also pays attention to the different seasons within regions around the globe to always get the freshest produce!


Introducing Derek a very important member of the Crema team. Derek is a Diedrich CR-70 roaster built with infrared ceramic burners which ensures consistency and efficiency during the roasting process. 

Crema Coffee Co roaster

Featured Roasts

Crema Coffee Co J-Blend


The J-Blend is a medium roast that is smooth, silky and reminds us of the colour gold with delicious flavours of golden syrup, hazelnut, and milk chocolate. 

If you love a smooth, sweet coffee that warms the soul then get on this one! 

Crema Coffee Co Espresso

Crema Espresso

Crema Coffee Co's Espresso roast is the perfect strong coffee that is absolutely delicious! It will surely kick you off to a great start to your day or you can enjoy it as the ultimate pick-me-up. 

This Espresso blend will leave you with delicious dark chocolate, mulberry, and toasted almond flavours.

Crema Coffee Co Single Origin from Panama

Single Origin Panama La Berlina Estate 

Crema Coffee Co's Single Origin from the La Berlina Estate in Panama is a delicious well balanced coffee. This Single Origin houses fantastic and fragrant notes of apricot, nectarine and cinnamon spice! The floral aromatics and lingering sweet chocolate finish will surely leave you wanting more!

Crema Coffee Co Single Origin from El Salvador

Single Origin El Salvador Finca Majahual

Crema Coffee Co's Single Origin from El Salvador is the ultimate summer coffee with flavours of violet, bubble gum, and papaya! 

Coffees from Finca Majahual in El Salvador have an outstanding track record creating finalist coffees in the cup of excellence competition! So with assurance, you can get a Single Origin that is renowned and tastes delicious!

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