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What better way to start the new year than uncovering a hidden gem in Perth's coffee scene whilst bringing a new Perth coffee roaster into our vibrant coffee community! 

We are very excited to introduce Singular Roasters as our Roaster for the Month for January. Singular Roasters is a small Perth Coffee Roaster that places emphasis on the quality of Single Origin coffee beans that they brew in small batches. Their primary goal is to produce simple, delicious and consistent coffee for their customers to enjoy. 

Founder, owner and lead roaster Jitta explains the coffee steps involved in making these more exclusive coffee beans. 

Uncover a treasure trove of exceptional coffee craftsmanship and delve further into the diverse roster of our esteemed Perth Coffee Roasters

Green coffee beans

Firstly, it is all about discovering and sourcing interesting and high quality green beans to ensure a great-tasting coffee. We buy our green beans from both micro-lots and more versatile larger lots all with coffee-cup scores between 85-88 points. Our more exclusive specialty coffee is sourced from micro-lots from a single producer usually producing more exotic coffees with coffee-cup scores above 88 points. 

Coffee beans in roasting drum

Secondly, we roast our coffee beans in small batches to ensure quality and to control the roast profile suitable for each coffee style using a top of the range roaster machine built of cast iron and carbon steel. We believe greatness is found in the small things in life, so ensuring every detail and aspect of the coffee roasting process is to the highest standard, we can create an enriched experience for our customers to enjoy. 

Finally, we take care to collect samples from each batch for quality control and to help build the flavour profiles of each coffee bean - this is how we create the underlying notes and flavours of each coffee such as developing the nutty or fruity flavours or extending the roast time to create caramelised and toffee notes. 

Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional taste with our collection of Perth's finest Coffee Beans, inviting you to savour something truly extraordinary on your coffee adventure.

Singular Roasters coffee bags

Our underlying mission is to produce accessible and elegant specialty coffee for our consumers to enjoy and we extend this format of thinking into our packaging with changing designs to match the coffee styles; 

White bag - Espresso roast,

Seasonal blend coffee specially roasted suitable to be paired with milk-based coffee. 

Black bag- Espresso roast,  

Single origin coffee, specially roasted, suitable for black coffee.

Black bag with black label - Filter roast,  

Micro-lot coffee, specially roasted, profile suitable for Filter and all pour over coffee.

Singular's two blends are available year round however the single origin coffee beans are only available in January

Singular PCX Blend:

Introducing our Exclusive Perth Coffee Exchange Blend, a collaboration with Singular Roasters. Carefully crafted to Be the Ultimate Go-to Roast, it strikes the perfect balance between smoothness and strength, with delightful notes of brown sugar, caramel, and chocolate.

Experience the Perfection in Every Sip.

Shop PCX Blend from Singular Roasters

Summer Seasonal Blend:

Utilising varieties and beans of the season to create this delicious smooth coffee with flavours of milk chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and strawberry.

Shop Summer seasonal blend by Singular Roasters

Fazenda Santa Ines - Single Origin 

This Brazilian Single Origin tastes like berry, brown sugar and cocoa celebrating the local flavours from its region Carmo de Minas. 

Chelchele - Single Origin 

This Ethiopian Single Origin tastes like honey, peach and toffee! What better way to taste summer?

Discovering hidden gems is our specialty, and we're thrilled to share our latest find: Singular Roasters. With our Coffee Subscription in Australia, we bring the best of Perth's coffee roasting scene right to your doorstep.

Our Roaster of the Month Subscription Box is designed exclusively for Australian coffee lovers who crave the finest beans and the expertise of top-notch roasters.

This January, we proudly feature Singular Roasters as our star performer. Prepare to indulge in their exceptional brews that embody the spirit of Perth's vibrant coffee culture.

Unlock a world of flavours by checking out our Subscription Guide or explore our collection of Perth's best coffee beans and start sipping on something special today

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