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Decaf - Trending 2022 Box

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Introducing the Trending 2022 Decaf Tasting Box! Try the best decaf coffees in Perth, handpicked from top roasters. It's the perfect opportunity to taste and explore unique decaf blends, and support local businesses at the same time. Order your box today in various sizes, and with whole beans or pre-ground options.

#1 - Sparks Coffee - Colombian Decaf

This swiss water decaf coffee is made with beans from Colombia, and has a wonderfully full body and dark chocolate flavour.

#2 - Brightside - Decaf

Brightside's Cordillera Decaf is a rich and flavourful coffee with notes of chocolate, tropical punch, and candied citrus. 

#3 - Gesha - Mountain Water Decaf

This rich, full-bodied coffee has all the flavour and aroma of regular Gesha coffee, but without the caffeine buzz.

#4 - Little Owl - Swiss Water Decaf

This premium coffee is made using the Swiss water method, which results in a cup that is rounded with chocolate, hazelnut and orange zest flavours

Get ready to indulge in delicious decaf coffee like never before!

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome goodness

Thank you for your fantastic review, Andrew! 🥳 We're delighted to hear you've found awesome goodness in our Decaf - Trending 2022 Box. It's great to know that our selection resonates with your taste, bringing you the joy of exceptional coffee without the caffeine. We carefully curate our boxes to ensure they offer a unique and satisfying experience, and your feedback confirms we're on the right track. Your support is hugely appreciated, and it inspires us to keep delivering the best to our wonderful community of coffee lovers. Here's to many more delightful coffee moments ahead. Happy sipping, Andrew! ☕️

Andrew A.
Best Decaf Coffee in WA

Sparks Coffee - Colombian Decaf = This is so good, yummy chocolate notes in a rich full bodied coffee.
Brightside - Decaf = Maybe my favourite of the four packs included, so fresh and vibrant, a full flavored coffee.
Gesha - Mountain Water Decaf = My friends love this one, hard to tell apart from a café caffeinated brew. Yummy goodness.
Little Owl - Swiss Water Decaf = Open this first and smell the fresh awesomeness this coffee gives you. Can drink this baby all day as it is not too strong a flavour :)

You sure know how to brew up some love for our decaf coffee selection Andrew!

We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the variety of decaf blends from Sparks Coffee, Brightside, Gesha, and Little Owl.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and we're excited to continue delivering delicious decaf options to you!



Thank you so much for the fantastic review, Andrew! 🥳 We're over the moon to hear you've enjoyed the Decaf - Trending 2022 Box. Our mission is to ensure every coffee enthusiast finds their perfect cup, decaf included, and it sounds like we've hit the mark with you. Your enthusiasm for our carefully curated selections fuels our passion and dedication to bringing the best of the coffee world to our community. We're excited for you to explore more of the vibrant and diverse flavours we have in store. Here's to many more sipsational coffee moments ahead. Happy sipping, Andrew! ☕️