December Feature Roaster Pique Coffee


Hello, coffee enthusiasts! We are absolutely delighted to introduce our December 2023 Feature Roaster - Pique Coffee, back by popular demand. They've already wowed us with their amazing blends featured in our top-rated coffee boxes - Morning Bell #1 Trending 2023 Box and Ramble On Best of 2021. This month, they've brought some outstanding Single Origin coffees for you to savour as well.

PIQUE Coffee is the brainchild of Jason, a coffee aficionado, and his creative partner Claire. Together, they've crafted a coffee experience that's set to pique the interest of coffee lovers everywhere. Their mission? To showcase the incredible diversity of coffee flavours, origins, and colours, all while challenging the boundaries of what coffee can be.

Adding to their list of achievements, Jason and Claire recently unveiled the very first PIQUE Coffee Bar concept store in the lively neighbourhood of Wembley. This vibrant space is where technology meets taste, making it a perfect spot for coffee enthusiasts to explore.


At the heart of the PIQUE Coffee Bar is the cutting-edge Mod Bar system and bar-style brew taps. They've harnessed automation to enhance customer engagement and ensure consistency in every cup.

Now, let's dive into a chat with Jason and Claire about their coffee journey and the creative process behind their label designs.

Jason, tell us about your journey that led you to become a coffee roaster. What inspired you to venture into this profession?

Jason: My journey into the world of coffee began in 2012 when I started working as a barista at Jasper Coffee in the Prahran Markets in Melbourne. I was instantly captivated by the service aspect and the connection a good cup of coffee had with our customers. Jasper was also a roaster, and after a training session at their roastery, I became fascinated with the roasting process. That's where I knew I wanted to learn how to roast.

After leaving Jasper, I joined St Ali, a Melbourne coffee institution, at their high-volume cafe at Monash University. From there, I took a leap and began roasting at Veneziano. It marked the start of an intense learning period that continues to this day. Veneziano places a strong emphasis on education, and I gained a wealth of knowledge during my time there. After returning to Perth in 2017, I worked in business development for Veneziano's Perth branch before transitioning to the role of head roaster for Mano a Mano.

The dream of starting my own roastery had been brewing for years, and in early 2021, my wife Claire and I decided to take the plunge and launched PIQUE Coffee. It's been slightly over two years since our journey began, and we've just opened the doors to our first PIQUE Coffee Bar in Wembley. The bar serves as a showcase of our coffee offerings and a place for people to experience all our coffees while enjoying a friendly chat.

Claire, the label designs on your coffee bags are stunning. Can you share the inspiration behind creating them?

Claire: Thank you! Jase and I have always collaborated on creative projects since we met, from gig posters and album covers to coffee bags and cafes. Jase often describes tasting coffee in colours, so when designing each label, we discuss flavour notes and the coffee's overall characteristics, whether it's smooth, vibrant, or unique. From there, I create hand-drawn organic shapes that capture the essence of that taste and feeling.

We also wanted to break away from the trend of sleek, white coffee packaging. Our aim was to infuse colour and vibrancy into our branding and packaging, making each bag a visual treat as well as a coffee delight.

Here's Pique coffee bean lineup for this month:

Ramble On: 

This delicious coffee is a carefully crafted combination of two naturally processed coffees, sourced from the finest coffee-growing regions in the world. The result is a complex and nuanced blend that delivers a flavour experience of milk chocolate and berries, with a smooth, rich caramel finish and a cherry on top.

Morning Bell: 

Start your day with a cup of Pique's Morning Bell blend and you'll be sure to wake up feeling energised and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Pique's Morning Bell blend is one of the best coffee beans in Perth, with a rich, syrupy coffee that has a toffee sweetness that is nicely balanced by the bolder, darker roasted flavours.

Honduras - Finca El Pedrero:

This single origin coffee bean lets you Indulge in a luxurious blend that dances with the flavours of dark chocolate, ripe strawberries, and velvety vanilla. 🍫🍓🍦

Colombia - El Jardin Organic:  

This single origin coffee bean takes your taste buds on a whimsical ride! Imagine sipping on the essence of juicy black grapes, indulging in the playful tang of wine gums, all smoothly wrapped up with a sweet kiss of honey. It's not just coffee; it's a carnival in a cup!

Enjoy exploring the world of Pique Coffee, and remember, there's always something new and exciting to discover in the world of coffee.

Cheers to extraordinary coffee experiences! ☕🌈🔮

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