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At Perth Coffee Exchange, we're always on the lookout for extraordinary coffee experiences, and today, we're excited to introduce you to a local gem that's been setting our taste buds on fire – Rocketfuel Coffee Roasters, our January 2024 Feature Roaster! 🌟☕️

Meet the Coffee Connoisseurs in Perth:

For over a decade, Gary Griffiths and Clare, his partner in coffee (and life), have been deeply immersed in Perth's vibrant coffee scene. They took ownership of Rocketfuel Coffee Roasters in July 2014, just as Perth's coffee culture was accelerating. Discerning customers were demanding top-notch brews, and Rocketfuel stepped up to the challenge by prioritising ongoing coffee education and staff training. Their commitment to staying ahead of industry trends while delivering exceptional coffee and service sets them apart.

A Family-Run Micro-Roastery on a Mission:

Rocketfuel Coffee Roasters isn't just a business; it's a dedicated family-run venture. With a steadfast focus on quality over quantity, they are organically evolving into a specialty micro-roastery. Their approach to bean selection varies depending on whether the coffee will join a blend or shine as a single origin.

Signature blends are crafted with depth and a lingering sweetness, combining chocolatey beans with fruit-forward counterparts. Understanding that coffee preferences vary, Rocketfuel offers a diverse range, from rich chocolatey blends to fruitier options.

Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability:

Rocketfuel's commitment to ethical sourcing extends beyond partnerships and fair prices. They actively collaborate with organizations land smaller cooperatives to empower coffee communities and promote sustainable farming practices.

Pursuing Coffee Consistency:

Consistency is Rocketfuel's mantra. They aim to provide an experience similar to visiting your favorite restaurant, where you know exactly what to expect. Quality control is embedded at every stage, from sourcing the finest green beans to roasting for maximum flavor and ensuring precise extraction. Their dedication to sensory expertise and scientific precision guarantees consistent quality, whether you enjoy their brew at a cafe or in the comfort of your home.

Exploring a Universe of Flavour:

Embark on a cosmic coffee journey with Rocketfuel's coffee line up:

RocketFuel Roaster of the Month -PerthCoffeeExchange

Supernova - Signature Blend

This carefully crafted blend of Colombia beans delivers caramel and tropical fruit notes that will tantalise your tastebuds.

Dark Matter - Boldly Unique Blend

Looking for a coffee that is out of this world? Then you need to try this blend made with beans from three different origins - Brazil, Ethiopia, and Colombia - and has tasting notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and blueberry.

Peru, Chachapoyas - Single Origin

Unwrap the ribbon of sweetness with hints of caramelised brown sugar, and let the first sip hit you with the crispness of a freshly-picked red apple. As the journey continues, savour the tangy rush of red berries that playfully pirouettes across your palate. Then, let the voyage come to a comforting close with the rich, velvety embrace of chocolate notes that linger like a warm hug.

Santa Izabel - Single Origin

Experience the warm embrace of Brazil with every sip of Santa Izabel. Crafted for the discerning palate, this blend boasts a symphony of caramel melodies, deep cacao bass notes, and the gentle, high notes of mild stone fruits.


Experience Rocketfuel with Our Tasting Box:

Dive into the celestial flavours of Rocketfuel with our exclusive tasting box, including every star in their coffee constellation.

Start with Supernova, their signature blend offering a smooth introduction to the coffee galaxy, or venture into the bolder experiences of Dark Matter. For a single-star experience, explore their Chachapoyas or Santa Izabel roasts, each ready to tantalize your taste buds.

By choosing Rocketfuel, you're not just enjoying a cup of coffee; you're supporting ethical sourcing and sustainability efforts. 


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