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Welcome to the wonderful world of Pique Coffee!

Claire and Jason have provided us with some great insight into their amazing coffees and the process behind it all. So stay tuned and hear what these coffee connoisseurs and creatives have to say about their roasts!

All our coffee at PIQUE is roasted with the finished cup in mind. We aim to showcase a variety of flavours, regions and colours in our coffees and ensure they are approachable to pique the interest of all coffee lovers.

Currently, we have two Signature Blends that aim to provide two different taste experiences.

Pique Ramble on Product image in front of coloured background

Ramble On is perfect for those who are after a coffee that sings with a bit of character. The addition of an Ethiopian component brings fruitiness and cherry flavour to a milk chocolate and caramel base. 

Pique Morning Bell coffee bag in front of coloured background

Morning Bell is full of dark chocolate and almond notes and was created for those who love a good, strong cup of coffee. This blend is roasted using a more traditional flavour combo of Brazil and Colombian beans.

Our Single Origin program rotates regularly through fresh seasonal coffees from a variety of countries and award-winning producers across the globe. We’ve previously showcased coffees from Rwanda, Guatemala, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Honduras and some exclusive micro-lots from the renowned Gesha Village in Ethiopia as part of our Candy Shop. These coffees are for more adventurous coffee lovers looking for new tastes and experiences. 

Pique Peru single origin coffee in front of coloured background

We roast all our coffee at PIQUE using air roasters which use significantly less energy than traditional drum roasters. These roasters allow us to dial-in the heat application with precision to achieve the best results and emphasise each flavour note in the coffee.

Pique coffee coloured design


An important feature we highlight with every coffee is the sensation and feel by giving each one a unique identity. Jase taps into his taste synesthesia during the cupping process, and describes the flavours in colours to then translate into each label design. Claire creates hand-drawn, abstract shapes to become colourful, layered artworks that showcase each flavour note. This means that just as each coffee is different, no two labels are alike!

We are so excited to have Pique be part of our exchange of local coffees and know that you will absolutely love the fantastic flavours that this coffee roaster explores!

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