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Local Coffee Roaster in Perth - Rocketfuel Coffee Roasters October 2022

Reach for the stars with our Roaster of the Month for October, Rocketfuel Coffee Roasters!

Rocketfuel is a dedicated family run business committed to delivering quality coffee beans and great customer satisfaction. This coffee roaster is in the process of evolving into a specialty micro, small batch roaster which is a nod at their meticulous attention to detail.

Join us in our Roaster of the Month adventures and see what Rocketfuel is all about this month. 

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The Coffee Beans

The taste journey of your coffee begins with the beans themselves, that is why Rocketfuel ensures its specialty classification and quality by sourcing its beans from sustainable locations and independent brokers, ethically supporting farmers where possible.

The Coffee Roasting

With a great coffee bean comes great responsibility!

Rocketfuel roasts their coffee beans in small batches and takes great care and consideration in altering the roast profile depending on the characteristics of each bean wether is be for espresso roast or filter roast the attention to details is meticulous. This ensures that the best flavour and taste experience is extracted from the coffee bean and achieved in your cup.

Black and white image of a  Rocketfuel take away cup with black logo printed on it with lid being places on

What's in the Roaster of the Month Subscription Box?

In this months coffee subscription boxes we have the following available:

The Supernova Blend which is a medium roast with caramel and tropical fruit notes getting us all excited for the tastes of the warmer months ahead! Looking for something a little darker? We have the Dark Matter Blend with chocolate and hazelnut notes...yum! And finally, the Small Batch varieties including the Colombian Tolima and Mexican Chiapas.

Dark Matter Blend Rocketfuel RoastSupernova Blend Rocketfuel RoastTolima Single Origin Rocketfuel RoastChiapas Single Origin Rocketfuel Roast






Don't need that extra caffeine kick? We also supply a decaf coffee beans from Rocketfuel Coffee Roasters. This roast will give notes of mandarin, red apples and caramel so you can still appreciate the fantastic tastes of coffee without the buzz. 

Rocketfuel decaf 250 gram bag with pink information card stapled to the top of the bag 

Thank you for supporting our local coffee roasters in Perth and helping our vibrant coffee scene thrive!

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