Break Free from Your Coffee Rut!

Break Free from Your Coffee Rut!

When we like something, we tend to stick to it because we feel safe in our comfort zone. But if you truly love coffee, it’s best to try out something new because coffee itself IS the comfort zone. You don’t pop open the same bottle of wine for every occasion, do you? Coffee is much the same, and you won’t know what you’re missing if you neglect to try the finest coffees of Perth.


You may love your home-brew now, but why not taste what other divine roasts are out there? It’s good to shake things up and try something different. As lovers of coffee ourselves, we know how easy it is to fall in love with fresh coffee beans that make the perfect cup of coffee. But like fine wines, there’s so much more than just one type out there to savour and adore every morning or after a sumptuous dinner.


That’s where Perth Coffee Exchange comes in. The Perth Coffee Tour subscriptions make it easy to enjoy coffee bean delivery with monthly deliveries of the best local coffee beans on offer. But not everyone is up for a coffee subscription, which is why the Coffee Tasting Pack gives you the next best thing. With the Coffee Tasting Pack, you get a one off box of the best artisan coffee beans in Perth delivered to your door.

Having the best of Perth’s coffee in your cup at home is a beautiful thing. Perhaps you’ve tried some of it, but Perth Coffee Exchange makes it easy to try all of it without having venturing around town to find it. The Coffee Tasting Packgives you artisan coffees to enjoy in your own home just like your own private café.


Truly, Perth is a place that is known for its coffee. In fact, it’s the nation’s coffee capital. But to try all the best coffee beans out there, it would take you time to trek all over WA to find them. Perth Coffee Exchange has done all the hard work for you, so you get fresh coffee beans that are the best Perth has to offer brought to you via coffee bean delivery. All you need to do is brew them. And enjoy, of course.

Love Perth even more by showing support for the local businesses of WA. It’s easy to do with the Coffee Tasting Packs or if you want the convenience of monthly deliveries the Perth Coffee Tour subscriptions.


You’ll get a box bursting with the aroma of fresh coffee beans and details about each roast. Then, brew them up and envelop yourself in the warmth and delight of coffee as it’s truly meant to be enjoyed.


The Coffee Tasting Pack also allows you to customize your coffee bean delivery size. You can choose boxes available in 1kg, 1.5kg, 2kg and 3kg sizes. With packs containing coffee bags at 250g, you’ll get to taste a variety of Perth through the best coffee beans in the country. Order one for yourself or make it a gift for another coffee lover you know this holiday season.

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