Perth Best Coffees of 2020

Perth Best Coffees of 2020

Welcome to the inaugural Perth Coffee Exchange Home Coffee Awards 2020! As pioneers in the local coffee movement, we're thrilled to unveil the winners who have raised the standard for excellence in Perth's coffee culture. Join us in celebrating the top coffee beans, roasters, and tasting boxes that have left a lasting impression on our taste buds and hearts.

Updated 2022: (Get a glimpse into the year's most talked-about and sought-after coffee roasters and blends with our Best of 2022 Coffee blog is a must-read for all coffee lovers looking to stay up to date with the latest and greatest brews.)

Last year certainly made a reputation for itself – but so did our coffees!


With lockdowns, working from home and a zest for something new and convenient, Perth Coffee Exchange delivered the goods directly to your door throughout a rollercoaster of a year.


Out of the 15+ local artisan roasters PCX partners with, there were a few standouts that had people voting with their coffee cups.


We’re proud to collate and finally announce the PCX Best of 2020: the top 4 roasts, and the top roaster box.


Try them all today and see what all the fuss is about!


The top 4 roasts: PCX most ordered and adored

# 1 – ‘Red Letter Blend’ by Beck & Call


Beck and Call Coffee's signature house blend, awarded a Bronze Medal for the espresso category at the 2018 Golden Bean. This sweet and full-bodied blend has a pleasant aftertaste, with rich notes of dark chocolate, caramel and cherry. Ideal for your daily espresso.


# 2 – ‘Espresso’ by Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano's best selling espresso blend changes in ingredients and sources on a seasonal basis, but every time they create a beautiful roast stays balanced, rich and clean. You'll taste wonderfully rich and syrupy flavours of caramel, cherry and chocolate.


# 3 – ‘People Everyday’ by Brother of Mine

Brother of Mine's flagship blend designed with the everyday coffee drinker in mind. In milk, it will leave you with hints of caramel, peanuts and a distinctive Coco-Pops finish. When enjoyed black, you'll find notes of toffee, plum and dark chocolate.

# 4 – ‘Fiori Blend’ by Fiori

Fiori Coffee's most popular blend that rushes out the door every week. This roast has a complex and aromatic blend displaying dark chocolate and mild fruit spice notes.


Try them all: PCX Best of 2020 Tasting Box


Four of the best blends in one beautifully packaged tasting box – take the grand tour of delicious coffees that saw through the year that was.


Perfect for newbies to the Perth Coffee Exchange that want to taste the crowd-voted favourites, or the seasoned PCX crew that want to restock some of the greatest hits.


Birthday, anniversary, or thank you gift? We have you sorted. Order yours now!


Top Roaster Tasting Box of 2020: Brother of Mine


With striking flavours and bold graphic design, it’s no wonder that the Brother of Mine Tasting Box was the top of roaster-specific packages in 2020.

Even more amazing is we only launched it in September, as part of ur monthly announcement of Roaster of the Month.


This fantastic tasting box certainly played a big part in making ‘People Everyday’ one of the top 4 coffee roasts of the year, people reordered like mad!


Order yours now!


What’s new in 2021?


Here at PCX, we’re dedicated to finding Perth’s best coffee beans. This means constantly searching for new roasters to partner with and in 2021 we’ve already newly joined forces with Loaded Coffees and Gesha Coffee Co - check out our online shop for these new additions.


Stay tuned to our shop for more updates and offerings. Who knows, you might find your new favourite brew of the year!

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