What does the coffee you drink say about you?

What does the coffee you drink say about you?
Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in Australia and the world. Its special smell, taste and texture has indulged many throughout the ages. Whether it is consumed in your favorite café or prepared at home your choice in coffee brew says a lot about your personality. Many people have cravings for certain types of coffee or always lean towards one coffee type. What does your coffee choice say about you? Here at Perth Coffee Exchange we have made a list of what we believe each type of coffee says about you.
As an espresso drinker, you able to adapt to any place or time and you are quite friendly. In addition, you really enjoy the taste of coffee, a quality that is little admired and forgotten. Quick and easy. You are most times in a hurry, so you like your coffee strong and very fast. You are a leader and you also work hard, but you need to achieve goals throughout the day so as not to get yourself into a bad mood. You know how to get what you want and you are always on the right path to get there. Just remember to stop one day a week to rest, or you may get burned.
Flat white coffee drinker
The choice of drinking white coffee is something very common among both men and women. A flat white coffee drinker tends towards those with business mindedness and very straight-talking in his or her relationship with people. Such people do not beat around the bush, they take the bull by the horn.
Decaf drinkers can be branded as selfish, perfectionist, obsessive and very concerned about their health. They are people who like to keep everything under control.
They carry out activities to maintain their health, they eat healthy and they take the time necessary to reflect on the big decisions. While sometimes they put too much emphasis on rules, control and order which can hold them back from spontaneity.
The cappuccino is a hot drink for a warm person who sometimes passes as innocent. With all the chantilly cream in your life, sometimes you need your friends to cleanse and help you see things from a different perspective. The personality traits that belong to the cappuccino drinkers revealed very definitely that they want to have control. If the cappuccino is your coffee, you may be a bit obsessive, but very creative and motivated. Honesty also comes hand in hand with control. You usually get bored easily, and you are loyal to your friends.
You like things that come easily, and you're a little hesitant. You like to play as a team rather than alone, and people like to be with you, because you do not make things too difficult for them. Every once in a while, you like to do something wild and skip the rules.
The long black coffee drinker
You are direct, you do not like halftones. You do not get into trouble, and people like that about you. You are reliable. You can be serious, but you always do a job well done. Just remember to add a little waste to your coffee to lighten things up. From the positive side, you like to keep things simple, you are patient and very efficient in everything you propose. While from the negative side, you are a little moody, abrupt or disdainful. You do not like changes and resists unnecessary modifications.
Cold drip coffee
Cold drip coffee drinkers are best described as something insensitive, used to go against others and without being affected by what they think of you. But beware, that glacial character hides a kind and somewhat fragile personality. Stay with the person who one day wants to warm your heart, because it will be the only one who will be nearby when you suffer from tonsillitis.
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