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Experience the unique flavours of West Australia's hidden coffee gems, curated from passionate local roasters.

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Ever feel like your coffee needs a little more excitement?

We get it.

That same old cuppa isn't sparking joy anymore.

You're craving an adventure for your taste buds, a coffee that transports  you to new and exciting places.

After all, coffee is about more than just a drink– it's about the places you discover, the people you meet, and the stories you share.

You want a coffee that's as unique and vibrant as WA itself- bursting with unexpected flavours and brimming with local charm.

But, who has the time to hunt down those hidden coffee gems and local roasters?

Don't worry, We've got you covered.

Say Hello to Your New Coffee Ritual:

Best Coffee Roasters in Perth
The best coffee roaster blends in Perth, West Australia
Best Coffee Roasters in Perth
The best coffee roaster blends in Perth, West Australia

Coffee Tasting Box - Personalised Surprise Box

  • Savour the unique flavours of hidden WA gems.
  • Freshly roasted, hand-selected coffee.
  • Delivered to your doorstep.
Roast Preference

Your Coffee Tasting Box includes:

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  • 4-12 surprise bags of freshly roasted WA coffee: Each bag is a new adventure, a journey of flavour waiting to be discovered.
  • Coffee Tasting Notes: Note down the unique characteristics of each coffee, helping you appreciate the nuances and complexities of coffee in every sip.
  • Locally-Sourced Treats: Delicious pairings to complement your coffee experience and highlight the best of WA's culinary scene.
Explore Our Coffee Tasting Box



We curate WA's best coffee:

We partner with passionate local roasters who pour their heart and soul into every bean.


Roasted fresh and delivered to you:

We match you with specific roasts that are perfect for you.


A WA coffee tour in every box:

Think of us as your coffee tour guides, taking you on a journey through the diverse flavours and unique stories of WA.

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Are You Ready to Explore the Flavours of WA?

The choice is yours:

About Perth Coffee Exchange

We're your ultimate destination for flavour exploration and coffee adventures. We deliver the best of WA’s roasted coffee straight to your doorstep, so you can add a dash of adventure to your daily routine hassle-free ☕️

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Support Local Roasters.
Sip WA's Soul

It's not just about great coffee. It's about supporting our local coffee community behind every roasters who pour their hear and soul into every batch.