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Kaltiva- Zero Mileage

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  • Flavour Profile: Imagine biting into a slice of black forest gateau – the juicy cherries, rich chocolate, and a hint of cream. That's the experience you'll have with each sip of Zero Mileage.  A comforting touch of caramel adds warmth, while an unexpected hint of amaretto brings a touch of sophistication.

  • The Zero Caffeine Advantage: Enjoy this complex, delicious blend at any hour. It's perfect for cozy nights, deep conversations, board game sessions, or simply unwinding without disrupting your sleep.

  • Roasted with Care:  We roast our Colombian decaf in small batches on the West Coast to ensure optimal freshness and an unwavering dedication to quality. 

Brewing Guides [from Kaltiva Roaster]

  • Dose 16g | Yield 32g | Time 23-25 Sec
  • Dose 18g | Yield 36g | Time 25-27 Sec
  • Dose 20g | Yield 40g | Time 27-30 Sec
  • 60-65g of coffee per 1000ml of water
  • For 1 cup start with 13g of coffee and 200ml of water
  • Wet and preheat the lined V60 driper and vessel with hot brewing water, then discard water from vessel.
  • Add in medium-coarse ground coffee to pre-wet filter, then bloom with water for 30 sec.
  • Gently pour in water in small circles from inward to outward, to desired volume.
  • Allow coffee to brew and draw down through a filter for approximately 3:00 - 3:30 min.
  • Remove V60 dripper and discard filter ground coffee
  • Pour, serve and enjoy freshly brewed KALTIVA coffee.

  • 1 cup = 20g of coffee per 200 ml of water
  • Place the syringe into AeroPress at position 4, then invert. Pre-wet filter paper in the filter cap and set aside.
  • Add in coarse ground coffee to an inverted AeroPress and then carefully pour in brewing water.
  • Gently stir to ensure all ground coffee is saturated, then allow the brew to steep for 1:00 - 1:10.
  • Screw on the cap, purge headspace air, and then invert the AeroPress onto a vessel and gently plunge for 30 - 40 sec.
  • Serve and enjoy your freshly brewed KALTIVA coffee.


    Q. How do you know if coffee is decaf?
    While decaf coffee retains trace amounts of caffeine, it's significantly less than regular coffee. The distinct flavor profile, often with less perceived bitterness, is a good indicator.

    Q. Can I drink decaf coffee at night?
    Absolutely! Decaf is a fantastic option for those who enjoy the ritual and taste of coffee without the sleep-disrupting effects of caffeine.
    Q. Can decaf make you sleepy?
    While decaf doesn't directly make you sleepy, it allows your body to follow its natural sleep rhythms without the stimulating impact of caffeine.
    Q. How long does decaf coffee last?
    Like regular coffee, it's best to use ground decaf within a week or two of opening for maximum freshness. Whole bean decaf retains freshness for longer.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Su y.L. (Perth, WA, AU)
    Overall Vibe:
    1: Total Coffee Fail 👎
    10: Absolute Perfection 🤩
    1: Barely Bitter Brew
    10: Bitter Bombshell
    Balanced cup perfect for when you're craving coffe at night

    Smooth medium body slightly fruity notes of dark cherry with long cocoa finish. Pleasant for enjoying at any during the day.

    Su, thank you for such a wonderfully descriptive review! We're delighted this blend provides that perfect balance and delicious flavour profile. Your tasting notes are spot on – love the 'dark cherry with long cocoa finish' description!

    It sounds like you enjoy those smoother, medium-bodied coffees.Let me know if you'd like more personalized recommendations – We're always happy to share!