Daylight Coffee Roasters: Perth's Inclusive Coffee Haven for All Taste Buds

Daylight Coffee Roasters: Perth's Inclusive Coffee Haven for All Taste Buds

Ever felt a little intimidated by the coffee scene, like there's a secret club you don't quite belong to? Well, Daylight Coffee Roasters, our featured roaster this July, is here to throw open the doors and welcome you in with a warm smile and a delicious brew.

They believe that good coffee shouldn't be gatekept- whether you love it with milk and sugar or prefer it black and strong, your coffee, your way is always welcome at Daylight.

What Sets Daylight Apart: Your Coffee, Your Way

Daylight is all about embracing the diversity of coffee preferences. Alex and Jake's unique journey, starting with darker roasts and evolving to appreciate specialty light roasts, inspired their "hybrid" approach. 

“We strive to create a house coffee that pleases a wide range of palates, leaning slightly towards the darker side while also offering fun and interesting single origins to keep things exciting. This approach ensures that everyone, from the everyday coffee drinker to the discerning aficionado, can find something to love at Daylight.”

Coffee Lineup: Something for Every Coffee Lover
Ready to try Daylight's exceptional brews? Here's a sneak peek at their lineup

Daylight Coffee Lineup
  • Dawn: Their signature house blend, perfect embodiment of our 'coffee for everyone' ideology. It's bold, smooth, and comforting, making it a versatile choice for any time of day
  • PCX x Daylight Blend: A limited-edition collaboration with us, celebrating the best of both worlds for milk and black coffee lovers.
  • Heart of Wind:  This exceptional Colombian bean awakens the senses with a symphony of flavours, transporting you to the sun-kissed Andes mountains. Dark chocolate notes melt into caramelized brown sugar, while a burst of zesty orange playfully intertwines with delicate floral aromas.
  • Arufa:  With each sip, experience a symphony of flavours that dance on your palate. The blueberry notes intensify, creating a symphony of flavour that culminates in a jammy, indulgent finish. The rich, buttery body and smooth, velvety texture complete this harmonious composition.

Mission: Coffee for Everyone, Roasted in Perth 

Coffee should be simple, approachable, delicious, and fair. They have a committed focus on both milk coffee and black coffee, espresso and filter, ensuring that there's a perfect brew for every palate. They roast coffee that they are proud of, taste test it extensively, and package it sustainably. Ultimately, they make coffee that they hope will put a smile on everyone's face.  

Coffee Quality: Taste Above All

Their coffee cupping sessions are all about flavour, not fancy stories or marketing fluff. As they put it, "From a coffee production aspect, it's simple! When we cup, it's entirely focused on how the coffee tastes." They meticulously select and roast their beans to ensure a consistently delicious experience, with a range of options to satisfy every palate.

Sustainability at Daylight

Fair deal for everyone involved in the coffee journey - from the farmers to the consumers and even our planet. They carefully calculate their prices to ensure fair wages for producers, offset their environmental impact, and offer you a fair price. 

Experience the Daylight Beans!

Daylight Roaster of the Month - Perth Coffee Exchange
If you love Daylight’s coffees or want to explore different coffee lineups from various roasters, our Roaster of the Month subscription box is the perfect solution! Get freshly roasted beans from Daylight our esteemed Perth roasters delivered right to your doorstep each month. It's a convenient way to discover new favourites, support local businesses, and enjoy exceptional coffee every day.

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