Singular Roasters: Where Simplicity Meets Exceptional Coffee

Singular Roasters: Where Simplicity Meets Exceptional Coffee

Perth coffee lovers, if you crave the pure, unadulterated taste of exceptional coffee, Singular Roasters – founded by passionate coffee enthusiast Jitta – is about to become your new obsession. This May's featured roaster at Perth Coffee Exchange, they embody a passion for unlocking the inherent beauty of single-origin beans, expertly roasted in small batches. Discover what makes them different...

The Singular Roasters Story

Singular Roasters believes that great coffee starts with a relentless focus on quality. Inspired by their own love of coffee, founder Jitta meticulously sources green beans, expertly crafts their roasts, and curates a selection that caters to every coffee lover – from everyday blends to exotic single-origin discoveries. It's about showcasing the unique potential of each bean, crafted with care and consistency.

Their Mission: Accessible Excellence:

Singular Roasters wants to make exceptional coffee available to everyone. Their vision is to deliver delicious, approachable coffee that celebrates the true character of the beans. This passion extends to their packaging, with designs that change to perfectly match each coffee's unique style.

From Bean to Cup: The Singular Roasters Approach

Founder, owner, and lead roaster Jitta shared some insights into the Singular Roasters philosophy:

  • Sourcing: The quest for quality begins with selecting high-grade beans with coffee cup scores of 85 and above, sourced from both larger lots and exclusive micro-lots.
  • Roasting: Small-batch roasting on a state-of-the-art roaster allows precise control, coaxing out the distinct character of each coffee.
  • Tasting: Careful cupping of every batch ensures top quality and helps define the subtle flavour notes that make each roast special.

Coffee Lineup: A World of Flavour Awaits

Singular Roasters' lineup is ever-evolving, reflecting their dedication to sourcing exceptional beans. Here's a taste of what's currently on offer:

Singular Roasters: Where Simplicity Meets Exceptional Coffee


  • Supporting Women Producers: Wuj Kape from GuatemalaTravel to the Guatemalan highlands and discover Wuj Kape. This vibrant coffee bursts with cherry sweetness, vanilla, and chocolate. Singular Roasters is proud to source Wuj Kape from Vides58, championing 18 small-scale farms owned and operated by dedicated female producers.

  • Brazil's Finest: Vinhal Farm Lot 100 - Vinhal Farm, in the heart of Brazil, has been producing high-quality coffee since 1988. Their commitment to sustainability and excellence has earned them numerous awards and certifications. Vinhal Farm Lot 100 is a flavour explosion – plum, tropical fruits, and cacao – ideal for espresso lovers.

  • Timor Leste's Unique Discovery: SakokoDiscover the unexpected flavours of Timor Leste with Singular Roasters' Sakoko coffee, revealing surprising notes of lychee, watermelon, and rich cacao. This exceptional micro-lot reflects Timor Leste's unique coffee heritage and the dedication of farmers committed to organic practices.

  • Ethiopia's Sweet Gem: Kochere ShifoExperience the vibrant flavours of Ethiopia's Kochere district with the Kochere Shifo coffee, expertly roasted to showcase notes of blueberry, warm cinnamon, and honey sweetness. This coffee embodies the care of Shifo village farmers and their commitment to traditional organic practices.

  • Delicious Decaf Delight: Decaf De CañaSingular Roasters proves that decaf can be just as flavorful with their Decaf De Caña. This Colombian coffee sings with notes of blueberry, caramel, and dark chocolate, undergoing a natural process to gently remove caffeine while preserving its delicious flavour profile.


Coffee Designed For You

Singular Roasters makes it easy! Black Label coffees are ideal for filter brewing, while White Label beans are perfect for espresso and milk-based drinks.

Join the Experience

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