Discover Kaltiva Coffee: April's Feature Roaster at Perth Coffee Exchange

Discover Kaltiva Coffee: April's Feature Roaster at Perth Coffee Exchange

At Perth Coffee Exchange, we're on a mission to transform your coffee routine into a journey of unparalleled discovery and enjoyment. This April, we're excited to spotlight Kaltiva Coffee, a roaster whose dedication to the art and science of coffee mirrors our own. Discover the unique flavours and stories Kaltiva brings to the WA coffee scene and see why your next cup of coffee should definitely be one of theirs.


From Hobby to Mastery

Six years ago, Liam, driven by a deep passion for coffee and a curiosity about roasting, founded Kaltiva. What started as a hobby and a personal quest to unravel the science behind coffee roasting evolved into mastery, fueled by the welcoming support and collective wisdom of the coffee community. KALTIVA was born out of this love for learning and a desire to share the joy of coffee with others.


On a Mission to Brew Memories

Kaltiva believes that coffee is an experience, a cherished memory in every sip. Their goal is to make outstanding coffee accessible,enjoyable and delicious, stripping back the jargon to uncover each brew's true character. Kaltiva crafts coffee that celebrates the individuality of their customers, turning every cup into a discovery.


A Sustainable Journey

Ethical sourcing is at the heart of Kaltiva's operations, with each bean selected from regions committed to sustainable and responsible coffee production. This approach ensures that every cup of Kaltiva coffee not only delivers exceptional taste but also supports the well-being of coffee communities and the environment, embodying a cup that truly "does good."


Finding their Groove

Coffee trends come and go, but Kaltiva stands out by staying true to its roots and focusing on what they do best: roasting quality coffee. Their  dedication to listen, learn, and perfect  has fostered a loyal following, proving that authenticity always wins. 

Explore Kaltiva’s Coffee Lineup

Ready to get your taste buds tingling? Kaltiva’s got a lineup that’s sure to do just that..from exotic single origins to the innovative Roasters Own blend. Each selection tells a story of exquisite flavors and meticulous craftsmanship. 

Check out their selection and find your next favourite:

Kaltiva Collection - Perth Coffee Exchange
If you're seeking a unique and meaningful coffee experience rooted in Rwandan coffee culture, Rawanda- Isoko beans are the perfect choice for you. These beans narrate a story of resilience, meticulous care, and vibrant flavours that will enchant your senses and leave you feeling good about the sourcing of your premium coffee.

Ready to step off the beaten path and explore the captivating flavours of Ethiopian coffee?  Kaltiva's Ethiopia - Guji G1 beans promise a unique experience, rich in both flavour and story, with floral aromas and complex notes of blackberry and spiced chocolate, showcasing the passion of its farmers and ethical coffee sourcing.

Escape the mundane with this smooth & creamy specialty coffee blend that transforms your morning cup into a flavourful adventure. Crafted from the finest Colombian and El Salvadoran beans, this medium roast coffee is a symphony of milk chocolate, honey and vanilla slice. 

Burning the midnight oil? This blend is for you.  Handcrafted from Guatemalan, Honduran, El Salvadoran, and Mexican beans, it’s ideal for shift workers, late-night study sessions, and conversations that linger past bedtime.  Its bright blueberry notes awaken your senses, deep chocolate fudge adds a touch of indulgence, and cosy cinnamon roll flavour lingers warmly, making it your comforting companion for the long haul.

Designed for board games, comfy armchairs, and overthinkers, this blend is perfect for calm moments without caffeine. Perfect for savouring life's finer moments, sip by sip. Picture indulging in a slice of black forest gateau – juicy cherries, rich chocolate, and a hint of cream – that's the experience with each sip of Zero Mileage. With a comforting touch of caramel for warmth and an unexpected hint of amaretto for sophistication, it's the ultimate choice for relaxation.

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Experience the exceptional with Kaltiva Coffee and Perth Coffee Exchange. Whether you’re deep into your coffee journey or just starting, Kaltiva promises inspiration in every cup. Opt for our subscription service or a one-time tasting box to celebrate the art of coffee together.

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